'Mob Wives' 7: Brawls, Reconciliation, Online Dating

From Staten Island Live website:

This episode picks up right in the middle of lasts week’s brawl at Renee’s house. Renee’s idea of a drama free evening clearly didn’t go as planned and (shockingly) it was all her fault. Instead of keeping her mouth shut about Carla’s boyfriend she insisted on embarrassing Carla by harping on the subject some more.

Hiding behind the all too obvious charade of being a “good friend” Renee really just likes to start trouble. Once she got just centimeters away from Carla’s face, Carla couldn’t take it anymore and pushed Renee’s face away which led to a ‘Mob Wives’ style wrestling match. Karen tries to diffuse the situation, and Drita takes her shoes off for no reason. The “dinner” ends with Drita and Karen actually talking (okay, screaming) their problems out and making peace for now.

The rest of the episode focuses on Renee attempting to find love online, Carla dealing with the impending release of her husband, Karen’s daughter coming to stay with her, and Drita sending out the sexy pictures she took for Lee.

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  1. please boycott this show and vh1. all the good people there fathers hurt and ruined there lives. shame on vh1 to put this junk on the air. if you where to put all four girls brains in a bird the bird will fly backwards. thats how stupid they all are


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