Don't sleep. Don't even blink...

Born into the notorious Testa family of Canarsie, Brooklyn. Tony Testa, born Anthony Testa Jr., is the son of Anthony Testa Sr. and the godson of Joseph Carmine Testa. By age twelve tony had witnesed first hand the cold and brutal realities of the world when his family was dismantled. His uncle joey was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole, being prosecuted by Rudy Giuliani on the infamous commissions case, where all the heads of the Mafia were brought to trial.
Four months later tony would lose three more uncles. Michael Testa would die of an overdose at the tender age of 27, while Patty Testa, his closest uncle, was brutally murdered at the age of 31. All of this with the added anger from his mother suffering from cancer fueled Tonys fire.
Born into a life of sin, tony has released unheard music that has set the streets on fire. With backing from Rakit records and deals ranging from interscope to def jam, Tony has decided to sit back and let it bubble. Without further adieu rakit records gives u I am Tony Testa