Bonanno Associate Gets 18 Years for "Joe Pistone" Hit?

Former Bonanno underboss from days
of Donnie Brasco was arrested not too
long ago.
We don't get it... Is it really just a coincidence that the mob -- specifically, a Bonanno associate -- robbed and whacked a guy with the same name as a well-known undercover agent for the FBI who infiltrated the same crime family using the famous alias of Donnie Brasco in the late 1970s?

Bonanno mobster gets 18 years in prison for 1992 murder of Brooklyn man and dog - NY Daily News: "A reputed Bonanno crime associate was sentenced to 18 years in prison for the home-invasion murder of a Brooklyn man and his beloved dog — nearly twice the term he thought he’d get under a plea deal with the government.

"Neil Messina, 52, found out Friday that Federal Judge Kiyo Matsumoto may have gone easy on some Mafia oldfellas, but is more than ready to severely punish violent mobsters.

"Messina was convicted of the 1992 fatal shooting of Joseph Pistone and his German shepherd named King. Messina served as a getaway driver when two cohorts went inside looking for drug money and killed Pistone.

"But the judge believed a 10-year sentence approved by the government was too light, considering there was also compelling proof that Messina had ordered the fatal shooting of another man in 1989."


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