Ava D'Arco and Her Dad, Al, Former "Mob Boss"

Al D'Arco, you out there reading this?

We'd like to convey a special message to you for today, from a big, big fan of yours...

"Dad, I love you! You are like a big Christmas tree -- you light up every day of my life!"

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  1. Oh man. That's so nice. As a father of a girl, I totally get it. Man, Ed great job!!! You might actually be doing something. When is your book about the current americanized selfish mob coming out? I heard from callers on Wiseguy Radio that 20 year olds are being made. Is that true? I'm into Philly and Uncle Joe and I'm thinking George may have enough material for a new book. What about Chicago? Regardless, cheers and keep up the great reporting.

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  3. Thanks, I appreciate it. I've not been hearing that, that the mob is making 20year old's... I have heard they are more cautious today than ever, in New York anyway, and are only making guys who have been around their whole lives. Plus the mob is reforming itself more in line with the Sicilian Cosa Nostra, with members only proposing blood relations, sons, nephews, extended family, maybe in-laws... I did a story about induction today...lemme find link....

  4. Well, you know how it is. I hear one thing one place and another thing elsewhere. I don't put too much stock in the majority. That radio show is actually pretty lame. Aside from being too conservative for my taste, all those guys do is talk about the old timers and how LCN is a big joke these days.

  5. What radio show you referring to?

  6. The Wiseguys Sit Down Hour. I listened to a few episodes on IheartRadio. I think you may have mentioned it on your site before, but there's another show with a similar name with Vincent Pastore


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