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A reader left this comment which I deleted but saved regarding my post on Petey "Pasta" -- this one, (I think you need to look up the definition for "hoodwinked," pal):

Hoodwinked?!?! He's a nobody who still owes everyone money,he is a jerk off.I know him for years and FYI he had a white lexus not a benz.No matter he couldn't pay the payments anyway,my cousin beat the shit out of him.Wannabe douche bag!He knows who this is if he reads it.You punk.I cant believe this site writes this without fact checking because most of your info is wrong.Larry Z knocked peter out.I just want people to know the truth,I could tell you everything but he's barely worth the little I wrote already.I'm done here.

Posted by Anonymous to Cosa Nostra News at March 27, 2012 12:30 PM

Anonymous, here is Peter's response -- and, yes, I can vouch that it is from him...

TO ANONYMOUS....This is Peter...MY email is will find out who you are, because you are such a gangster and authority on things that you post without your name...As far as an errand boy... Your COUSIN LARRY is what??? A bouncer in strip clubs that is such a GANGSTER that he sends my Sister 100 a week for his Son and relies on my elderly mother to support them..!...I could give a good f**K for you..Your cousin or anybody else...Write what you want about Gangsters...I am quite sure, I'd bet my LIFE that when I find out your real name & I will....You can't be anything more than a CLOWN to post on here about things you think you know...LMAO! You know what a Gangster is? A Toughguy is? A MAN who respects and takes care of his Family first and foremost...And if you are Larry's Cousin...His whole family are cops, co's , landscapers and town workers...So what do you know about being a COP???...Cause when I got pinched in Nassau County, The CO was a Cousin too!...Real Gangster Family...I usually would ignore a moron comment...But you wanna talk about a guy from day one, Who is & always was a part time husband and Father and you wanna brag about you're his cousin...LUCKY YOU!!! Maybe he can get you in a strip club and pimp a broad to you and than get pinched and use the PUBLIC DEFENDER...A REAL JOHN GOTTI HE IS.. I promise that I will reach out to you, when I find out who you are, You can tell me Man to Man, Just & You and FOR THE RECORD............ I could give a flying f;;k , who you are..Your cousin is, or anybody else...Tell your Cousin, I spend more than a 100 a week buying my Nephew Wii Games.@ that's what people should know about him...He sends his wife and son a 100 a week and you're bragging that's your Cousin..You sound like a real MEATBALL!


  1. peter pellegrino is a piece of s..t.he is homeless,and begging people for money.he has been seen with a dark haired girl from bethpage,shes retarded,thats why shes with him,


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