Bail Denied for Bonanno Boss Tommy "Sweet Tooth" DiFiore

Bonanno boss Tommy D should've hid the wrappers!
According to a New York Daily News exclusive, Bonanno boss Thomas "Tommy D" DiFiore has been desperately seeking bail since his arrest on extortion charges this past January, claiming jail is aggravating his Type 2 diabetes.

At the same time, DiFiore has reportedly been "stuffing his face with junk food high in sugar and carbs."

So what do the Feds do? At his bail hearing last month in Brooklyn Federal Court, they called on Dr. Robin Edwin of the MDC in Brooklyn to testify.

(Why does this remind me of third grade?)

Asked about the aging gangster's commissary purchases, "Edwin ticked off the gruesome details: Ramen-flavored chili noodles; Hershey candy bars 6-pack; Pringles potato chips; jalapeno wheels; jalapeno squeeze cheese; peanut butter."

The defense claimed DiFiore had made the purchases for friends and other inmates.

Federal Judge Allyne Ross rejected DiFiore's attempt to get bail on $4 million.

DiFiore, of Commack, L.I., was caught in the Feds' Lufthansa Heist web, and is probably still fuming at Bonanno family capo and co-defendant Vincent Asaro, who was caught on tape calling Tommy D a motherfucker, cocksucker and cheap scumbag....


  1. Food fit for these Kings - LOL

  2. Tommy goes back along way. To be betrayed like that is devastating. I wish him well in his defense. Vinny's comment are unfortunate.

  3. Tommy is presumed innocent until found otherwise. How would any of us feel if we had the weight of the Gov. on our heads? The MDC is not a rec's a punishment center with leaky roofs, bad food, inadequate, medical attention, services, access to whatever( including council) , basically punishing conditions, cold and inhume by any legal standards. God Bless Tommy and his family....and hopefully he can appeal and spend his remaining years with his extended family. He's been adjudicated of past alleged crimes...but the Judge went over discretion in my view. Put yourself in his place . Respect your neighbors....and if you live in Benson Hurst, o r Howard Beach you'd better watch your ass...or you have some trouble coming your way.
    Respect your elders, neighbors, and wise guys...keep a tight community.

    ...C'mon now!


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