VH1's Mob Wives Sale "In Progress"

VH!'s reality show is in the block
Mob Wives will have a new owner -- and it's ITV, the same broadcaster that aired the recent Mafia with Trevor McDonald two-part series, one of the most watched non-scripted shows in Britain. It featured John Alite, the topic of George Anastasia's Gotti's Rules: The Story of John Alite, Junior Gotti, and the Demise of the American Mafia, among other former mobsters.

What a sale means for Mob Wives and its viewers is open to debate, as The Weinstein Company will continue to manage its television division though it is "in the process of selling [it] to ITV, the British broadcaster that has been on a buying spree of late," as The Hollywood Reporter revealed today.

The deal's value could be worth $950 million. It involves an up-front payment of around $400 million with "an escalating package of compensation and bonuses that would nearly triple the initial purchase price," sources told THR.

The Weinstein Company hired several TV executives to grow the operation and will continue to manage its television group.

ITV's recent Mafia with Trevor McDonald was a roaring success in the UK, with some 4.5 million viewers, according to data provided to Cosa Nostra News.


It was, in fact, "the most watched show on British TV," garnering "tremendous positive reaction... ITV normally expects around 2.5 million in that slot for a non scripted show."

The source added: "Everyone is talking about it... It actually made the third most-talked about subject now on Twitter in the world."

John Alite, in fact, has a huge following in the UK -- we've seen tons of the fan letters he gets from Brits -- and across Europe, especially in Albania, where Alite spent time as a fugitive from U.S. law. Alite spent time there while a fugitive, meeting with Albanian crime bosses, as well as family members.

Sir Trevor McDonald's two-part series The Mafia With Trevor McDonald, shined a "light into this brutal, unforgiving hierarchy" known as the American Mafia, writes the Daily Mail.

The program debuted March 23 in the UK and was available online in the U.S. (The episodes we linked to have been removed.)

The show began with Trevor journeying to Queens, New York, where he met John Alite, who grew up in the neighborhood.

With 4.5 million viewers, Mafia with Trevor McDonald was "the most watched show on British TV." 
ITV normally expects 2.5 million in that slot for a non scripted show." 

“There were constant murders here, constant rivalries between different guys in the streets, different mob families," Alite said. "So we would kill almost at will, as someone given a beating.”

Also on the show, in his first appearance since entering witness protection was Michael DiLeonardo, also known as Mikey Scars, a former high-ranking member of the Gambino crime family. His evidence consigned 80 members and associates of the Mafia to prison.

He said of his fears: “Death for myself, but death for my family, that would be paramount. I have a son and a wife here now and some of these people, they may not take in to consideration who is sitting in the car with me, or who is walking in the street, or in my house, if they kick my door in and kill everyone in the house. That’s my biggest fear. My biggest concern and what keeps me up at night.”

Trevor also meets Michael Franzese, a Bonnano-tied enforcer whose identity was concealed.


  1. Itv are the best they will spread this to all there other tv channel Itv2 itv3 itv4 itvencore and there reality channel itvbe where I definitely think this will be aired.

  2. And this is a good thing? This will help with the ever increasing dumbing down of the nation.

  3. the UK won't stand for this - we hate reality shows. A few Jersey Shore knockoffs had a bit of success but they soon died out. Not sure what ITV are thinking here. The UK was interested in the mafia but not their female relatives playing out a soap opera. This is actually the first mob wives story I've clicked on this site.

  4. You have pretty good knowledge of this. We in the US aren't far familiar with ITV.

  5. Agreed. Although I didn't think Trevor's show was paticularly well thought out in regards to getting people to understand the mafia, I do think it's put the foot in the door of more organised crime related programs in the UK due to it's success, covering both international and UK organised crime group's. Although not as prolific here as in the rest of the world, there's still more to it in the UK than the just usual drug dealers stabbing each other. For instance the recent vault heist that happened over the weekend here, there must have been some big thinkers behind that, possibly the pink panthers.

  6. We have cockney villains and grim views of London, very street-esque our gangsters are portrayed as, I.e Lock Stock or Snatch. Cosa Nostra has The Godfather and the great way the Italians speak. Perception is a lot different. A lot of people watched the Trevor documentary but I don't think it was well received for the reasons I put on the part 2 post. There's definitely an interest in the mafia here but no-one really understands it, the notion of the five families is alien to 99% people I'd say. The UK doesn't really understand what the mafia is and therefore won't be interested in their wives.....plus the reality stuff is awful anyway. Brits are cynical and hate "shit" - which I think we all agree reality shows are. Even Cowell's reality empire is crumbling.

  7. They have different channels that cater to the lowest common denominator, it'll find a home on one of those channels and have a very small audience I expect.

  8. I managed to get on the American version of Netflix. The first episode of Inside The American Mob - now THAT's what the UK needed to see.

  9. What was the outcome of the Bonanno/Lucchese problem from 2 years ago when "the baker" was shot in a car?

  10. I hope ITV makes Chop Suey out of Mob Wives

  11. Probably water under the bridge.

  12. You have good taste silvio dante. :-)

  13. Nations ;-)------unfortunately

  14. Yes I live in the uk.

  15. The problem with the British is there nosey. There is lots of people here who would love the fame and money and I can assure you programmes like this are watched here all the time as it inspires ladies and guys to be the same. British telly is full of reality programmes all the time. yes okay we loved the trevor mcdonald documentary on the mafia but we don't get enough of them. We have dramas but a lot of them are rubbish. but 70% of British telly is based on reality shows and that includes sky telly too.

  16. I agree that I have seen many times and think that was brillant television.

  17. I completely disagree with u on this. I think he did this programme brilliantly. He does what he does best u only have to look on john alites Facebook page to realise how much an impact this programme had on the British and he would properly agree. you could not of had a better British interviewer skimming over the surface on this life but then that gives john alite and mike scars the opportunity to talk more about the life from there point of view. at least it has us all talking bout it.

  18. Not knocking ol' Trev's side of the program, the program had no real direction. It didn't inform on what the mafia was and what it's about. My wife for instance has no idea about what the mafia is and after watching both of these at the same time as me still had no idea. The questions she then asked me were the basics. Everyone who doesn't know about the mafia automatically thinks of the Don corleone farce and even then half of them haven't even seen the godfather. So why put a program out that hasn't given anyone any information? All it did was interview past mob members about there new life outside of the mob. Also from a money making point of view they could have covered some of the history ect and padded it out into a few more shows.

  19. Yes definitely. I was wanting more from the programme and wanted it showen over more episodes. I still feel though it gave u seeds to investigate more about the mob if u wasn't aware of it and the life. I still thought it was brillant television and I am now hooked on learning more.


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