Another Form Of Broken Windows Policing At Staten Island's West Shore Inn

Not much to say about the video below, which was sent recently by a longtime source who always requests anonymity.

In it, a car pulls to a halt beside the West Shore Inn steakhouse on Victory Boulevard on Staten Island. A man with a bat hurries out of the passenger seat and bashes a window several times  before speeding away.

Our source (who was unusually tightlipped about the circumstances around this event) noted that the windows smashing incident was part of a larger dispute that simmered for about a year. He only provided the nickname of the person who -- he claims -- was responsible for the violence against the steakhouse: Benny from the Bronx.

“There were problems between families over a worker who complained he wasn’t getting paid the money he believed he deserved,” said the source.

Back in September 2019 —when people used to visit buildings called "restaurants" where they could sit down with friends and order a meal from a menu, and then eat it— the owner talked about how he had redecorated the West Shore Inn. (The restaurant, mainly known for steak and pecan pie, first opened its doors in 1964.)

The owner refreshed the bar area with new wallpaper and softer lighting and installed plush leather chairs and a painted tin ceiling. 

We want you to “feel like it’s been here forever,” he explained.

He upped the quality of the food by buying non-GMO, steroid-free beef and Bell & Evans chicken, and created new appetizers, including a charred bacon dish served under a heaping glaze of maple-bourbon sauce... 

And that’s all, folks, we gotta go eat now... Peace out…


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