Cosa Nostra News, which was founded some five years ago, offers advertising opportunities that include some distinct advantages for those seeking to tap into the base of consumers interested in traditional organized crime, specifically the American Cosa Nostra, aka the Mafia.

We can share a range of data with you regarding our traffic.

We offer banner display ads at bargain rates.

  • Your ad will appear on every single blog page (unlike ads that appear in print magazines, which only appear on a single page, where a sizable percentage of readers may not even see them.)
  • Also, compared to digital banner ads purchased and displayed on social media platforms or via Adwords and other types of ad services, we offer a more efficient and direct means to reach a niche audience interested in traditional organized crime, who purchase books, films and memorabilia, among other things.

We recommend purchasing a three-month ad package, which costs as little as $50 a month, depending on your product. 

Aside from banner ads, we offer other forms of advertising including but not limited to sponsored content, a story written by the blog about your product.

We also provide  sponsorship opportunities related to social media and a new newsletter under development for our extensive list of email subscribers.

One specific opportunity now available for interested parties would be to sponsor the pending relaunch of our newsletter, which always will consist of exclusive content.

For specific information about our ad formats and rates, please email us at cosanostranews (at) gmail - dot-com


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