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In 1999, Bronx-based Dominick Cicale finished his second years-long bit and hooked up with Vincent “Vinny Gorgeous” Basciano, then an up-and-coming member of the Bronx faction of the Bonanno crime family. Initially he'd been closely affiliated with "Big Ernie" in the Genovese family.

Under Basciano’s tutelage, Dominick rode the fast track: he was inducted into the American Cosa Nostra and swiftly rose from soldier to capo, amassing great wealth and power. Cicale befriended and associated with numerous figures within all of New York's Five Families as he plotted and schemed in a treacherous world where each day could be his last.

He testified in four major RICO trials, including one of John Gotti Junior's.

We at Cosa Nostra News  launch an ebook series with Dominick Cicale called : Cosa Nostra News: The Cicale Files, Volume 1: Inside the Last Great Mafia Empire. (Click on slideshow widget below.)

Our second forum was more successful than the first even, generating a total of around 365 comments in a 24-hour period.

We can thank Michael "Mikey Nose" Mancuso for our starting point.... I don't think any other blog or news organization on the planet has ever gotten such direct insight from the man widely considered to be the official boss of the Bonanno family, though we stand by Dominick's assertion that Vincent "Vinny Gorgeous" Basciano remains official boss of the family. The Nose is from the Bronx, where Basciano hailed from.

We're certain an interview with Mikey Nose won't be forthcoming, even in 2020, when he's slated for release.

Someone posted letters handwritten by Mancuso from his prison cell in which he used a variety of adjectives to refer to Dominick (including lowlife, dumbbell, lying fuck, etc.)

The issue is: Who wanted to kill Mikey Nose? Was it Dominick Cicale and/or Vincent "Vinny B" Basciano? Mancuso seems to want to believe it was not Basciano... (It's intriguing that the Nose would even doubt Vinny's word over Dominick's in the first place considering how the chips fell.)

If you read our ebook, you know where Dominick stands on the situation.

“What a fucking punk," Dominick says in the book, referring to Michael Nose's decision to not show up as a backup shooter for a certain hit. 
"That alone could have easily gotten the ‘Nose’ killed, but Fat Patty loved Michael and saved his ass ..." 
Continuing, Cicale said, “Mikey Nose was always a punk. How could a made man walk around the neighborhood strutting his shit and say hello to the man who murdered his own father? ” 
Cicale was referring to old claims that Mancuso’s father was gunned down by a Bronx street thug who “everyone knew.” 
Mancuso’s father, Cicale related, “was with Arnold “Zeke” Squitieri and Alfonse “Funzi” Sisca, Gambino associates at the time, when Mancuso’s father met his demise. The three had been partying one night, drinking and sniffing cocaine. What great pals [Zeke and Funzi were]… They watch their friend get killed and didn’t do a fucking thing about it…Two more fucking punks.” 
Cicale recalled that Mancuso had a tendency to become scarce when “heavy lifting” had to be done. “Mikey always made some type of lame excuse when called upon to help with a piece of work. He’d say: ‘There's too many people around’ or ‘I don't know where he lives.’”....

It is available as a 70-page ebook, priced at $4.99, $2.99 or in a print edition, priced at $6.99, available on click here
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Rob Sberna, at has written some intriquing articles about Dominick -- we are jealous that we didn't get em first!!!

EXCLUSIVE — What Happened to the $6 Million from ‘78 Lufthansa JFK Heist --

Former Wiseguy Dominick Cicale — “A New Man With A New Brand” |


  1. who are the players now in the bronx

  2. What do you know about that guy thats has been written about The Noses nephew who just got made

  3. frank salerno his nephew is a smart kid used to work in this jewelers shop a few years back. I hear some luchese tried to get him his button a couple years back but his name was turned down. After that he switched to the bonnanos and started to work for his uncle mikey nose delvering messages to the rest of the family mikey nose wanted frank to get his button so he could have a made guy delevering messgaes. The bonnano bronx faction is on its way out anyway i dont consider it a crew anymore just some kids and a couple of oldmen running a few rackets. Mikey nose is lucky to be alive vinnie basanico was very close to whacking mikey nose. That crew has always been small the genovese and luchese familys are very dominant in the bronx and the gambinios have crew aswell the bonnanos have slowly died out there with vinnie in the can, dom a rat, johnny joe in the can and patrick on the other side. Mikey is hated by most bonnanos and all the other familys he is trying to rebuild things by inducting kids and try take over the family he is boss in name only most guys dont respect him mikey is not out for awhile and when he does get out i think he will have a problem the westside despise the guy

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