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Colombo Capo Joey Amato On Thinning Ice

And another masterpiece graciously shared with us via the proprietor of  The Colombo Crime Family Blog ... “ I was busy even before and after I got (inducted into the Colombo family), sit-downs, everything, and nobody ever questioned. ‘Cos he’s a big deal now, he’s got his hands in everything. ”— John Cerbone, in mid-2014, referring to Amato's status in the Colombo family. Joey Amato (Source: Gang Land News). For the past decade now, Colombo family captain Joey Amato has been on thin ice in more ways than one. After fifteen years in the can, Amato, now 60, was released in 2009 and forced to rejoin a Mafia clan that had once marked him for death. Since then, he has delicately climbed the ranks of the Colombo family, becoming the captain of a crew and facilitating the inductions of his top men. Labeled by Jerry Capeci as the Colombo family's Staten Island boss, Amato has also been namedropped more than a few times by the feds, and it appears to be only a matter of tim

Luchese-Bloods Alliance Peddled Prison Contraband, Snitch Said

Reputed Luchese mobster Christopher Londonio , in a bid to delay his trial next week for the 2013 slaying of former Purple Gang leader Michael Meldish, filed court papers in White Plains that make allegations linking a now-deceased attorney to a drug ring and an escape plot, and that also suggest an ongoing alliance between Luchese wiseguys and members of the Bloods street gang. Bloods The jailhouse snitch said attorney Charlie Carnesi, a well-respected mob lawyer, provided reputed Luchese wiseguy Londonio with confirmation about certain commissary account deposits and tracking numbers for Western Union payments that were tied to the sales of synthetic marijuana and cigarettes at the Metropolitan Detention Center (MDC), according to the legal papers filed by Londonio. The informant also alleged that Londonio, who was Carnesi’s client at the time, confessed to peddling the contraband with members of the Bloods gang while they were locked up in the MDC, according to the Whi

Hear New York Mafia Boss Joe Massino Testify Against Vinny Gorgeous

 "The mob was not the romanticized, glorified guys in the movies. They are gangsters, thugs, murderers. There is no poetry about them." -- Joe Pistone.... Joe Massino made Mafia history when he became the first Mafia boss of a New York family to flip, in 2004, when he also wore a wire; then, in 2011, he took the stand and testified against his own acting boss, Vincent (Vinny Gorgeous) Basciano . ( You can listen to about an hour of his testimony and read along thanks to a recently posted video on YouTube, which you can view, below. ) Joe Massino Massino, above, also fingered Basciano in the killing of crime family associate Randy Pizzolo. When asked if there was anyone in the room who was a fellow member of his crime family, the turncoat boss pointed directly at Basciano. “That man in the gray suit sitting there,” he said. As acting boss, Massino said, "You are calling all the shots, you are making captains, you are breaking captains." As for w

Feds Heist Windfall Won By Former Colombo Boss Tommy Shots In Prison Slip And Fall

Tommy Shots Gioeli, a one-time street boss of the Colombo crime family, recently hit the jackpot, winning a $250,000 settlement for an August 2013 accident that "knee-capped" him while playing ping-pong behind bars. Tommy Shots nabbed in 2008. But the Feds have other ideas -- they want that money to help cover the $360,000 court-ordered restitution Gioeli owes to a bank and a fur store.  So now Tommy Shots -- about five years away from his release date -- is battling it out with Federal prosecutors, as  Larry McShane reports for The Daily News . Gioeli, acting as his own attorney, filed an 83-page court document from his Connecticut prison cell arguing that the money is his. He wants the restitution order amended based on his limited “level of contribution” to the two heists. Gioeli, citing case law, argued it was “both noteworthy and relevant” that a 2012 ruling found the federal courts lacked the “inherent power” to impose payback as part of

What Happened To BOP Probe Into Whitey Bulger Murder?

The family of James Whitley Bulger, the notorious gangster/snitch murdered almost one year ago allegedly by two men with organized crime ties, will file a $200 million wrongful death claim against the government over the brutal prison house murder in West Virginia last October. Questions remain about Bulger's death. The family said the legal filing was to learn the reasons why the 89-year-old was beaten to death within 24 hours after his arrival in general population at U.S. Penitentiary Hazelton. One of the suspected killers allegedly confessed to murdering Bulger. Bulger was killed in his cell at the notorious Hazelton lockup on Oct. 30, 2018. He died minutes after he suffered “blunt force injuries of the head," according to his death certificate. He was buried in St. Joseph Cemetery in West Roxbury. Hank Brennan, an attorney for Bulger, this week sent a statement to the Wall Street Journal, noting: “We believe that James Bulger was deliberately placed in harm’s