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Genovese Wiseguy Frank Giovinco Sentenced to Four Years in Prison

Frank Giovinco was sentenced yesterday to four years in prison, followed by three years of supervised release, for extortion conspiracy and participating in a racketeering conspiracy in connection with the Genovese Crime Family’s control of two local chapters of a labor union. Genovese wiseguy Frank Giovinco was sentenced to four years. Giovinco was convicted on December 3, 2019, following a six-day trial before U.S. District Judge Jed S. Rakoff, who sentenced Giovinco . Acting U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York Audrey Strauss said in a media statement : “For years, Frank Giovinco, as a member of the Genovese Crime Family, instilled fear in victims and perpetrated kickback schemes to tighten the Family’s stranglehold over two labor unions. For committing these crimes, Giovinco will now spend four years in prison.” Strauss recently replaced Geoffrey S. Berman, who United States  Attorney General William Barr tried unsuccessfully to fire Friday night; Presi

Podcast Uses Life Experience To Dissuade Youths From Mob, Gangs

UPDATED The latest installment of the Johnny & Gene Show —the podcast with John Alite and Gene Borrello —features former Gambino associate Anthony Russo, aka Hootie, who was among the dozens of wiseguys and associates arrested on Mafia Takedown Day in 2011 . From left, Hootie, Gene Borrello, John Alite, Felix Levine.  After sitting in a cell for months, Russo— a drug dealing associate aligned with a powerful Gambino capo, Alphonse Trucchio —was facing a mandatory minimum of 20 years behind bars if convicted of drug trafficking charges. Russo, who was first charged with being a member of Trucchio’s crew in 2002, threw in the towel and began cooperating. (As for Alphonse Trucchio, he was released from prison on February 21 of this year. Trucchio also was one of more than 100 mobsters busted in four states in January 2011 in the FBI's biggest Mafia takedown. He was once viewed as a rising star in the Gambino family. He pleaded guilty to racketeering, drug trafficki

The Ravenite Transcripts PART 9: "Gambino Crime Family? This is the Shargel, Cutler, and Whattaya Call It Crime Family"

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‘Ndrangheta Governing Body in Greater Toronto Area: Latest Developments

By Andrew Machin " The ‘Ndrangheta is made like an octopus. The octopus has the head and tentacles. Today the head in Calabria can be [economically] stronger…. and tomorrow the tentacles may be stronger …" --Rocco Varacalli, government witness, ex-full member of a ‘Ndrangheta Locale of Torino (Turin), dependent of the mother-Locale of Natile di Careri, Nov. 2012. Giuseppe "The Master" Commisso The following in-depth analysis of the ‘Ndrangheta in the Greater Toronto Area was written by guest columnist Andrew Machin; to see Andrew's previous story on this same topic, please visit Gangsters Inc's: ‘Ndrangheta in Greater Toronto Area hit but still too powerful – “There are 9 (Mafia clans) of us” The latest Italian police operations against the mother-Locale of Siderno, Project Canadian ‘Ndrangheta Connection 1 and 2 (Jul. and Aug. 2019), has brought forth many results and has led to knowledge concerning the latest organizational developments reg

Anthony Comello, Alleged Killer of Gambino Underboss Frank Cali, Mentally Unfit to Stand Trial

He really is bat-shit crazy -- or, at the very least, Anthony Comello, the twenty-something conspiracy theorist who allegedly shot high-ranking Gambino mobster Francesco (Franky Boy) Cali in the back and killed him in front of his Staten Island house in 2019, has been deemed mentally unfit to stand trial. Frank Cali, left; Anthony Comello That was the word from prosecutors and Comello's defense attorneys during a remotely held press conference in State Supreme Court, St. George, where Justice William E. Garnett ordered that Comello be transferred to a state Office of Mental Health facility for further evaluation. Comello is unable to aid in his defense and doesn’t understand the charges against him, the mentally unfit ruling means. [We posted exclusive video at the bottom of this story that purportedly shows Comello -- two months prior to the Cali shooting -- on the verge of fighting with someone on the street....] His next court hearing is scheduled for July 13. Comel

When The Commission Thwarted Carlo Gambino's Efforts To Keep Membership Books Closed

Intriguing bits of New York Mafia history came to light recently via a New York Daily News report by Larry McShane that details how in 1976, members of the Mafia Commission banded together to thwart Carlo Gambino's efforts to keep the books closed. FBI memo from New York Daily News Gambino didn't want any new members to be made because of his concerns about informants in his midst. He reportedly had even considered absorbing the four other New York families into one big Gambino family. Gambino mulled such things in the aftermath of his arrest in 1970, which resulted from information provided to the Feds by Boston-based informant John J. (Red) Kelley, who that very year was putting New England mob boss Raymond LS Patriarca and others in mob murders and other crimes via his courtroom testimony. The Mafia closed the books in 1957 -- after the disastrous Apalachin meeting that sent wiseguys scurrying through the woods in their silk suits and gleaming shoes -- but by the