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Judge Denies Compassionate Release Request For Reputed Former Genovese Consiglieri Bobby Manna

UPDATED US District Judge Peter G. Sheridan denied the recent compassionate release filing for reputed former Genovese consiglieri Louis (Bobby) Manna, calling his criminal efforts "extremely serious and heinous." Louis (Bobby) Manna; picture source . Manna, 91, who once upon a time held court at Casella's Restaurant , the base of operations from which he supposedly helped run the Genovese crime family's Garden State operations, has been imprisoned since 1987. He was convicted and sentenced to 80 years in prison.  His crimes included plotting to murder John Gotti and John's older bother Gene and ordering the 1977 murder of Frank Bok Chung Chin, an electronics expert who agreed to testify for the government, and the 1987 execution of Irwin (The Fat Man) Schiff, a 350-pound mobbed-up businessman/con artist who was hit while dining at Upper East Side restaurant Bravo Sergio. Manna's attorney Jeremy Iandolo noted in court filings that Manna has Parkinson's dis

The Mob's Underground Railroad: How Allie Boy Persico Survived On The Lam For Seven Years

In 1987, reputed Colombo boss Carmine Persico knew that, short of his lawyers one day cooking up a miracle, he would in all likelihood be spending the rest of his life in prison. He had been convicted in  two separate trials: the Mafia Commission trial and a separate racketeering trial involving the Colombo family's operations. (Persico died in 2019 at age 85 after serving 32 years of that 136-year prison sentence following his two convictions.) Allie Boy Persico was on the run for seven years. The cases were separate, but overlapped, the common denominator being FBI surveillance recordings of Colombo soldier Ralph Scopo’s conversations, which alerted the Feds to the initial evidence that would help them build the Commission Case. Scopo was the bagman in a large-scale ongoing racket involving shaking down concrete contractors at major construction projects. As the president of the Cement and Concrete Workers District Council of the Laborers' International Union of North America

Genovese Associate In New Jersey Snitched For 15 Years—Before Wearing Wire For Feds

Researching the history of the Genovese crime family in North Jersey, w e  came across a longtime Hoboken-based associate who snitched for more than 15 years, then agreed to wear a wire for a couple more. His tips sparked Federal, State, and local investigations and he identified some 50 wiseguys and associates for investigators. He was  called Petey Cap. And another name joins our List of Mafia Defectors . Peter (Petey Cap) Caporino  Over 40 years, longtime Genovese associate Peter (Petey Cap) Caporino and his gambling operation were slowly and inexorably threaded into the fiber of the North Jersey underworld. He hooked up with the Genovese crime family as an associate and reported to some very powerful Garden State wiseguys. And while the man (or woman) at the top sometimes changed, Petey Cap’s numbers and gambling operation, which  he ran out of his social club in Hoboken, was a constant. For almost half his time as an associate, Caporino lead a double life as a government informant

Attorney For Reputed Genovese Family Consiglieri Implies "Woke" Judges Selectively Grant Compassionate Release

Louis (Bobby) Manna, the 91-year-old reputed onetime Genovese family consiglieri, is slowly dying in a Minnesota medical prison, according to an emergency compassionate release motion filed by his attorney. FBI mugshot of Louis (Bobby) Manna. Manna, who will be 92 in weeks, suffers from various health ailments—including colitis, a hernia, high blood pressure, vertigo and ulcers, his lawyers allege -- which prevent him from walking on his own for more than a couple of steps. He has been in prison for more than 30 years following his conviction for Mafia crimes, including murders and  ordering a hit on Gambino boss John Gotti . This is not his first request. Manna, who was allegedly under Vincent (Chin) Gigante, tried to get a compassionate release last year but was denied.  Jeremy Iandolo, Manna's attorney, argued for the aging wiseguy in a hearing Thursday before Peter G. Sheridan, the Senior District Judge of the US District Court for the District of New Jersey. He noted that M

Mob Podcasting: A Good Way To Earn

Salvatore (Sammy the Bull) Gravano, the underboss who helped John Gotti run the Gambino family, before he helped the FBI take it apart, was sitting in a brown leather chair in his dimly lit social club-type podcast studio preparing to launch into his latest—only this podcast, something very different was about to come out of his mouth. Worked up (about something): Michael Franzese, Patrick Bet-David,  Sammy Gravano. Instead of another riff about this or that gangland hit, Sammy the Bull was pitching a mental-health services platform that connects people with psychotherapists. "Is there something bothering you and giving you anxiety, preventing you from achieving your goal?" the Bull intones in unhurried gruff Brooklynese. (The same voice Gravano used to describe how, one night at Sparks, “shots rang out in the night air" with "people running, screaming, falling, scrambling all over to get away.") "When I got out of prison," the Bull's pitch contin

UPDATE: ‘Ndrangheta In Greater Toronto Area (Charts, Classification Of War Types)

By Andrew Machin “ As for my personal safety, following my decision to collaborate [with the government], among the Bonavotas, I fear above all Domenico Bonavota because he’s got a criminal mind and when he gets into his head that he has to kill someone, he goes to great lengths to accomplish his intent ." --Andrea Mantella, government witness and former boss of the ‘Ndrangheta rooted in Vibo Valentia, reported to the prosecutors about Domenico Bonavota (pictured below), boss of the Locale of Sant’Onofrio (village in Province of Vibo Valentia). A very important update is required regarding the structure of the 'Ndrangheta in Southern Ontario, which is described in the fourth article of this series . Once again, this important knowledge comes from Italy. More precisely from the courthouse of Lamezia Terme (Calabria) where the trial resulting from the maxi police operation called Rinascita Scott is taking place. This was an extraordinary police operation for the number of arr