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Our Take On New ID Podcast That Revisits Story Of Murder Machine's Dominick Montiglio

True-crime network Investigation Discovery (ID) has launched a new podcast called "Mafia Tapes," which focuses on the life and crimes of Murder Machine’s Dominick Montiglio, the former Gambino associate who joined Team America and who died on June 27, 2021. Dom Montiglio, left, who died last year, and Celia Aniskovich. (Source: Deadline ) The Mafia Tapes , produced for ID by Gigantic Pictures, features never-before-released recordings of Montiglio and highlights his personal struggles. (The "twist" ending is that Montiglio died during the making of the podcast, days after suffering a stroke, as per Deadline .) The series launched on January 17 with episodes released weekly. Montiglio's story was told, famously,  in the true-crime book Murder Machine by Gene Mustain and Jerry Capeci —though the book missed "a helluva lot," Dom once told us as part of a brief Q&A that was to prelude a larger story. (See story here .) Truthfully, we never took that li

Profile Of Bonanno Family Powerhouse Carmine Galante, Godfather Of Heroin Trafficking, Part One

"(Carmine) Galenti (sic) believes in rapid extermination of opposition and any who endanger his position of power. His associates fear him for his bad temper." -- FBI files .... Carmine Galante in 1947, when he was around 37 years old. You would have thought you were looking at just another innocuous, bespectacled, grandfatherly type if you had seen the 5-foot 5-inch tall, 60-something-year-old Carmine (Lilo) Galante examining the artichokes and tomatoes at Balducci’s in Greenwich Village or enjoying espresso and cannoli at De Robertis Pasticceria on the Lower East Side or dining at the Tre Amici Ristorante at 1294 Third Avenue. He reportedly also jogged along the East River path near the United Nations building and played handball at the YMCA (despite walking with a stoop). His daily routine also included being driven by a chauffeur each morning to L&T Cleaners at 245 Elizabeth Street, reportedly his base of operations. You would never think he was a man who could be in

Bonanno Crime Family Associate With Drug Dealing History Indicted For (What Else?) Drug Dealing

A New Jersey-based Bonanno crime family associate who was once a member of Nicky Santora’s crew—and who has a history of drug dealing—was indicted with another man for drug dealing. Richard Sinde is  charged with conspiring, possessing, and intending to distribute cocaine.  The associate—Richard (Richie) Sinde, 56, of Fort Lee, New Jersey—was indicted in September alongside Robert (Bobby) Ingrao, 74, of Lodi, New Jersey, according to the U.S. Attorney, Northern District of New York, Carla B. Freedman and Ray Donovan, Special Agent in Charge, U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration, New York Division, in a media release. Sinde and Ingrao were each charged with conspiring, possessing, and intending to distribute 5 kilograms or more of cocaine. Sinde was arraigned on October 19 before United States Magistrate Judge Daniel J. Stewart and released with conditions. Ingrao was to be arraigned at a later date. If convicted, each man faces at least 10 years and up to life in prison, as well as at