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Secrets Of The Hells Angels: The Turncoat Who Slaughtered His Family

In the 1960s, it was all fun and games. In the 1970s, the HA became gangsters. People started getting murdered or disappearing; bombs started going off everywhere, especially in Cleveland... First, by way of explaining my nearly nine-month absence: I'd been biding my time, keeping my powder dry, enjoying my unannounced semiretirement from this blog, when one evening, I suddenly found myself scribbling on the backs of cocktail napkins. Next thing I knew, goddammit, I seemed to be getting back into the swing without even realizing it.  Butch Crouch smiles for the camera. Operating this blog the right way is like having a poorly paying full-time job on top of the full-time job that pays the bills—and buys the vino. An admittedly lazy man, I find having two full-time jobs rough because you basically work all the time. And that ain't no kind of fun after a while. Looking back, the most remarkable thing is probably that my stint here lasted as long as it did.   But then,  while recen

Last Of The Greek Crime Dons Of The US Passes Away

By Nick Christophers On May 4, 2024, Spyredon “Spiro, Sagafias” Velentzas passed away in the FCI Allenwood prison. He was the alleged boss of the Greek mob in New York. He may have been the most powerful within the Greek ethnic crime element ever. There were others that were close to his level like Harry Peetros / Steve Bouras from Philly, and Mike Katranis / Pete Katranis in Detroit. The only one that was considered even higher than Spiro, was head of the “connection guys” in Chicago, Gus “Slim” Alex. Spiro was originally from Boston where he settled with his parents after arriving from Greece. His father opened a café, but Spiro was not too keen on the food business and yearned for more financially. Gambling was something he was always interested in and wanted to capitalize on it. In time, his family decided to move to New York and settled in Queens. There he became connected to the then, boss of the Greeks, Peter Kourakos. Kourakos operated gambling dens in the predominantly Greek