Tony Testa Behind DeMeo Crew Film?

Rapper Tony Testa

According to a published report on a variety of websites and newspapers, including the New York Post, "Bobby Brown -- R&B singer-songwriter, occasional rapper, and dancer -- is talking about working on a movie with mob-related rapper Tony Testa.

Sources say the film is based on Testa's Brooklyn family connection to notorious Gambino crime-family members the DeMeo Crew. The story will be based on Testa's Uncle Patty, who transferred to the Lucchese family and was murdered in 1992.

Testa's uncle, Joseph Carmine Testa, is serving life in the same prison as Bernie Madoff. Brown was spotted dining at Trattoria Dopo Teatro with Testa, "Sopranos" star Joe Gannascoli and Chuck Zito about a possible role in the movie, which will also star Armand Assante."

We've been waiting for this film out here in gangland, but Bobby Brown? And Tony Testa -- a rapper?? At least some mob-movie faves like Chuck Zito and Armand Assante may be in it, though some new faces would be nice for a change.

We at Cosa Nostra News are wondering if this stems from Junior Gotti's high-profile effort to make a film about his father. Is every family member, wannabe, associate and rat going to start churning out films based on their "true to life" experiences? Ghost writers may be in for boom times, because writing a screenplay is not exactly easy.

Years back, there was talk that ballsy, indy filmmaker Abel Ferrara of The Funeral and Bad Lieutenant fame was working on a screen version of the Capeci-Mustain Murder Machine book, but that seems no longer to be the case.


  1. tony testa is a punk, and he is just trying to cash in on a life he knows nothing about.

    1. what a disgrace to the Testa Family to have this nobody , that was a kid during all of the stuff that went on , he is a punk, that's using the name Testa!

  2. A year-old post... why two negative comments now, in May 2012? Tony, you been a bad boy??


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