Fox Mulls New Mob TV Series

KONP / Local News / Local author's book gets TV deal:

A Port Angeles author's book has been picked up to become a possible series on Fox television. Matthew Randazzo co-authored "Breakshot: A Life in the 21st American Mafia". It's the memoir of Japanese-American gangster Kenny "Kenji" Gallo.

Randazzo tells Newsradio 1450 KONP, Fox is interested in turning the story into a hour-long weekly drama.

"Breakshot" is the story of Gallo's journey from a teenage drug smuggler to one of the FBI's top undercover informants against both the Los Angeles and New York Mafia. Gallo's undercover work is responsible for information that led to the arrest of the street leadership of Colombo Crime Family -- one of New York's Five Families -- and the thwarting of a Mob plot to defraud the World Trade Center Ground Zero reconstruction project. Gallo survived an apparent attempt on his life and now lives a law-abiding life under a government-provided assumed identity.


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