AllAboutTRH Part II: More on Ramona, Including Her 'Mystery' Drug Dealing Jailed Boyfriend

Another interesting post that finally includes info we have been hunting for -- who is Ramona's boyfriend, who was arrested for drugs and whose name was beeped out of tonight's episode. We think we know who Mr. Mystery is, and that we have already covered the story of Ramona's boyfriend's arrest, whose name the below blogger, we think, spells incorrectly as "Scalfini."

Check out our post, from last summer about the arrest of who we believe may be the mysterious boyfriend:

Once again we present AllAboutTRH Exclusive: Ramona Is A Liar! Plus Find Out The Real Reason Carla Doesn’t Care For Ramona Or Karen | All About The Real Housewives:

A few days ago I read an interesting comment that related to a post I was going to make regarding Mob Wives. It was about Ramona and something that I’ve already heard. I thought I’d share it with you all so you can see yourself.

“I wrote this on Mobwives Blogspot, but they deleted the post which proves it is not an open discussion. Ramona Rizzo is a liar, she claims she left her husband because he joined the mob, which is not true because her husband is Arabic, she left him because he went bankrupt. On the show, she says she avoids the mob men like the plague, but she is dating a wiseguy cocaine dealer by the name of Joseph Scalfini. This woman has no principles everything that comes out of her mouth is a lie. Also in her VH1 Biography she claims that she couldn’t leave the middle east because of her husband that he wouldn’t let her, but the truth is her husband moved to another country and she was there with her kids receiving money from him through wires for the last year and a half that she was in jordan. She was free to go and he begged her to leave back to the states. These people should not be celebrated, they should be shunned.”

Funny considering Ramona says the reason she left her husband was because he started to get involved with the “mob” yet fails to mention that he actually went through bankruptcy..hmm. Then on an episode of Mob Wives she talks about her new boyfriend Joesph Scalfini and how he’s currently in jail and how she’s never dealt with something like this before. I’m confused. I think Ramona forgot that she had already told us that thereason she left her husband was because he got involved in the mob. It’s okay Ramona. When you start to lie so much, mistakes like this happens… all the time!

Sources close to the cast tell AllAboutTRH exclusively that Ramona married a Muslim man who robbed her father. They had 4 children with each other and she ended up cheating on him so he begged her to leave! Now she’s dating Joseph Scalfini. On Mob Wives she reveals that her children just love and adore Joseph and is so close with him. At the time that she revealed that, she was only dating him for 2 months and had already moved in with him! Since then it’s been about 6 months and he’s been in jail for the last 4 months and might not be released for another 20 years. Do you actually think Ramona is going to wait for him? No! Sources add that she lived in a basement before she moved in with Joseph and she’ll probably move out and leave Joseph when she find’s the next best thing. I wouldn’t doubt it!

Karen and Ramona both have accused Carla of not liking them because of Drita. Well apparently that’s not the case! According to my sources, the real reason Carla doesn’t care for the two is because they both tried to jump her best friend! Back in the day, Carla’s best friend used to hang out with Karen and the two were good friends. My sources exclusively reveal that while Carla’s best friend and Karen were friends, Karen was sleeping with Carla’s best friend’s boyfriend for years! Karen would hang out with the friend and sleep with her boyfriend after. This was going on for a while. Carla’s best friend “beat up” Karen and one day Karen randomly knocked on the best friend’s door with Ramona and jumped her! That’s why Carla has always had her guard up regarding both of them!

That make’s sense! Isn’t it funny how Karen was so hurt by the fact that Drita got together with Lee when they weren’t even friends and didn’t speak yet Karen is hooking up with her“friend’s” boyfriend. Karen is clearly a huge hypocrite while Ramona is officially the worlds worst liar.


  1. This sick, cuz now, they're all jumping on Carla for supposedly sleeping with Karens uncle Mikey Scars, yrs ago. Him & ToniMarie have been divorced for yrs yet they are still "crying" about it. What hypocrites they are : (!

  2. Please learn how to use apostrophes. I enjoyed your article but it is hard to take you as a serious writer when your grammar is bad.

    1. Please learn how to read -- I did not write the bulk of the above story; as I clearly note in my intro:

      Another interesting post that finally includes info we have been hunting for -- who is Ramona's boyfriend, who was arrested for drugs ...

      HERE IT IS - CATCH IT - DON'T MISS THE SETUP FOR THE CONTENT THAT FOLLOWS: Once again we present AllAboutTRH Exclusive: Ramona Is A Liar! Plus Find Out The Real Reason Carla Doesn’t Care For Ramona Or Karen | All About The Real Housewives:

    2. LOL BOOM! Goes the dynamite


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