Mafia Daughter Linda 'Scarpa' Schiro in NY Post

Linda Schiro is working on her memoirs.
Linda Schiro, aka Scarpa, provides more anecdotes and details than have appeared in her previous interviews on "I Married a Mobster" and "The Joy Behar Show." As is noted in the article, she is also working on a book of her own, which I will read before I read Karen Gravano's tripe, no matter how many weeks on the NY Times best seller list it lasts.


It was 1983, and Linda Schiro, a 14-year-old Catholic-school sophomore from Midwood, smoked pot for the first time with her best friend, a boy from the Brooklyn neighborhood.

When her dad somehow found out, he, like any father, was upset.

But he wasn’t any father. He was Greg Scarpa, a top Colombo captain and one of the most feared wiseguys in history.

Scarpa flew into a rage, tracked down the boy and delivered a savage beating, pummeling his face into mush.

The father of the battered teen was no less angry. He took his son, whose eyes were grotesquely puffed up and nose was broken, to the Scarpa house and demanded an apology.

But Scarpa was still angry. Brushing off the father, he frog-marched the beaten boy upstairs — and made his daughter look at the boy’s mangled face.

“How he survived, I don’t know — it was a massive beating,” Schiro recalls. “Greg said, ‘See, this is what happens when you give my daughter drugs!’ ”

It worked: She never touched pot again.

“Little Linda” Schiro, now 42, has spent her life dealing with the guilt and turmoil of being the daughter of a mobster. She’s working on a memoir and agreed to sit down with The Post for a sneak peek of what she calls “my twisted tale.”

Her dad was a legendary character who bragged that he stopped counting his murder victims when he reached 50. Among his nicknames were “The Grim Reaper” and “The Mad Hatter.” He called himself “The Killing Machine” and signed letters to his family “KM.”

Schiro grew up seeing it all, knowing he made millions dealing drugs, running numbers and taking bets, through loan-sharking and shakedowns....

Read rest, Mafia daughter Linda Schiro says her dad Greg Scarpa beat and scared away friends and had man who tried to rape her killed -


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  1. Wow ...very interesting article. Certainly looking forward to reading Linda's memoir.

  2. Yeah, I'd love to read what she has to say. Read Gravanos book. Big Angs book. Why not read hers.


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