Finishing Up Some Unfinished 'Mob Wives' Business

From All About The Real Housewives:

(Don't know how we missed this; from April 25, 2013)

Earlier today Mob Wives star Karen Gravano claimed Carla Facciolo threatened VH1 saying, “I think Love wasn’t invited because Carla pretty much spoke to VH1 about not showing up if Love was invited. Carla’s threatening to sue and VH1 wanted to avoid any lawsuits.” Carla is now responding to those claims denying she threatened VH1 and revealing VH1 said no one is allowed to get physical this season! Carla tells AllAboutTRH EXCLUSIVELY, “First of all my lawyer spoke with VH1 and would never threaten them! Thats her first lie! Second it was in our contracts that there were to be no physical contact or u would be fired! That was all decided by VH1 after Karen & Ramona jumped Drita! So Love got herself fired from the show.”

Carla continues, “If Love was going to attend the reunion no I didnt want to be part of it but it wasn’t my decision it was VH1. I wish I had that kind of power to get someone fired because I have a few others on my list!”

Carla adds that she has yet to see Love since the attack, “I have not seen Love at all and have no reason to. She was never my friend and never will be! I didn’t care to see her again at the reunion after the way she conducted herself at Drita party! I definitely thought Karen set me up but she keep swearing to me that she didn’t. But with these girls lie and swear on their own kids so who knows what to believe with them! To get the record straight I never called any cops and had a restraining order against Love. Thats just another one of her many lies ..Thats so easy to prove if I did so someone should go look it up and that’s the truth!”

Interesting that Karen is trying to blame Carla for Love being fired and not attending the reunion when really VH1 told the ladies in their contract that there would be consequences if they got physical. Hope Love has learned that getting physical is never the answer. Thoughts on what Carla had to say?

It's like peeling an onion; just when you thought you had exposed it, you see more layers...

What do you all think?


  1. Long story short; Carla wanted Love out and Carla ate the right salami sandwich if you catch my drift.

  2. Finally the truth is out! People still want to talk shit though like they know something. It's simple look it up if u don't believe her. Ed, she didn't eat no sandwich just another fan hating on Carla. Love, got what was coming to her. It was in the contract NO PHYSICAL CONTACT

  3. I believe it was stated in the contract, but Carla? Why would your attorney be involved if you weren't pushing for termination? Put your Big Girl Panties On n Be Straight. Love was misused by ppl she trusted for RATINGS... PERIOD. You don't continuously poke a Lioness with a stick n expect not to get bitten; that is the bottom line. Love is better off now anyway. Who needs the bullshit Mob Wives entails? Especially from alleged "FRIENDS"... Love Ya, Ed! Thank You Cosa Nostra News! Susan Testa (Tess)

  4. Glad that "garbage" is gone (Love). And who cares if attorneys were involved. I'd do the same thing. The only people that have issues with legalities are the animals that are used to brawling in the streets and on the floor. Good for whomever got the attorneys involved - ensuring that VH1 Contracts and their terms were clear, ascertainable and non-retrospective. Otherwise, that overweight pig would still be on the show. Incidentally, what was "her" purpose on the show anyway? I don't get it.

  5. Wow, my comment regarding this show is sooo late, I doubt anyone will read it now but who cares, I'll leave one anyway.
    I will write my favorites in order... Big Ang, Renee, Drita, Carla and yes, Ramona. Ramona is growing on me. Karen Needs To Go. She's too gangsta and relies too heavily on a lifestyle that frankly, she's been dropped from and now she depends on 'black gangsta style!' Sorry but true about Karen. She's too black gangster. Anyway, I watched the show and found myself wondering why Love (God she's ugly anyway) had it in for Carla so badly? How can she hate a woman and she hasn't even introduced herself to the viewers yet? Obviously, KAREN filled Love's head with crap. Karen helped build Love's anger to the point of explosion. See, when Love approached Karen that she (Love) was going to confront Carla right then and there. If I Were Karen, I would have immediately realized that Love wanted to confront Carla because Drita left the room. So, I would have done an about face, walked outside and told Drita to get inside because Love is going after Carla.
    Love Clearly Planned To Attack Carla and that was clear when Love arrived at the party.
    Everyone was dressed up. All the women wore high heels. Everyone But Love. Love is wearing a jogging outfit and sneakers and a brace on her wrist and arm. The springed wrist was a lie so Love could use the brace to hit Carla with. She wore that wrist brace like brass knuckles. Who knows what Love had under that brace? Love dressed in comfortable clothing that allows her to move around in a fight.
    Bottom line is, Karen had to know that Love was there to beat the hell out of Drita. Karen had to realize that Love wanted to "speak" to Carla only AFTER Drita had gone outside. Karen could have gone outside to tell Drita that Love was heading over to Carla. Karen Did Nothing! Karen is just as guilty as Love. Personally, Karen and Love Are F---ing Cowards.

    1. Bottom line is, Karen had to know that Love was there to beat the hell out of CARLA


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