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URGENT REQUEST FOR ITALIAN-SPEAKERS: I need a friend who can speak Italian fluently...

A story on this blog about the Zetas and 'Ndrangheta working together, which was written and posted about two years ago, has just today gotten someone to write two of the longest comments I have seen in my history of blogging.

The problem is that every word is in Italian, a language I don't speak (with any degree of fluency).
I want to make sure the guy's not issuing some kind of orders on my blog. If his comments are legit, I'll leave them there.

I don't need a word for word translation of it, just the gist of it, but in some detail. I'd be in your debt. Click the link above. Write in the comments section beneath this post, if you don't mind...

As for the story -- which I don't even know is the cause of the comments -- it was about how the Zetas have expanded to the point where they have become a significant power in the international drug trade; and how they have reached that level thanks to some help from their friends, the 'Ndrangheta.

The Zetas, once the military wing of the Gulf Cartel, are among the most violent crime groups in Mexico. They take their name from the radio code used for top-level officers in the Mexican army. They are highly organized, regularly use brutality and shock tactics – including gasoline bombs, beheadings, and roadblocks. The United States DEA describes them as perhaps “the most technologically advanced, sophisticated and violent of ... paramilitary enforcement groups.”

That should make clear why I am concerned but don't want to take the drastic knee-jerk reaction of just deleting the comments.


  1. google translate

  2. I'm gonna type 10,000 words into that thing?

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  4. Ed. There is nothing you should worry about this comment at all. As anonymous said in there, the guy is speaking just pure ´cazzatta´. Maybe a bit of populism in his comment about ´the people united will never be defeated´ and the rest is merely the mention of some camorristi and other guys. State posto.

    Sorry I can´t write more, but things are really heated in Canada. If you feel threatened, just tell me and I send somebody to watch.


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