Did Montreal Mob Boss Vito Rizzuto Really Die of Cancer?

He was a gangland figure who returned with a vengeance. Literally.

Vito Rizzuto

And his end came quite sudden. But was it really cancer that did him in shortly before Christmas 2013 -- or was it some other cause, presumably not natural?

That is a question posed in Business or Blood: Mafia Boss Vito Rizzuto's Last War by Peter Edwards and Antonio Nicaso, which debuted this week.

The book describes Vito Rizzuto as the consummate global criminal, a cultured man who enjoyed reading about the ancient Greek and Roman empires. Playing golf was his escape from daily life.

Vito spoke four languages (French, Italian, Spanish and English) and held an "innate understanding of the nexus between the underworld and the world of the state and mainstream economic power."

But in the end it was revenge -- that primal instinct, the ancient call to slaughter all enemies -- that drove Rizzuto, not the Mafia's raison d'être: making money.

Which may represent a motive, the authors say.

The former boss of Montreal's Cosa Nostra returned home in October 2012 after finishing a prison sentence in America due to his old pal, former Bonanno boss Joseph "Big Joey" Massino, doing the unthinkable.

The story has been told and retold how Rizzuto's father and son were murdered in his absence, among others dear to him.

What followed was a series of gangland hits as far away as Acapulco, Mexico, and Casteldaccia, Sicily, not to mention the bloodied bullet-ridden bodies found all over Montreal and Toronto.

Some had thought (many no doubt prayed) that Rizzuto one day would meet a similar fate.

It seems he didn't. In the end it was cancer that finally claimed the life of the mob boss who singlehandedly redefined the term "old school."

Or was it?

The Mafioso "died in circumstances that were never made clear. Many people predicted his death, of course, but few thought it would be the result of natural causes, as was quickly and widely accepted by the authorities and the press."

It's further noted that Rizzuto's death "brought relief in some powerful circles, criminal and otherwise. By the time of his death, he had actually become bad for business. Revenge was more important to him than making money, and every day brought news of fresh bloodletting among men known to be his enemies.

"Exactly what killed Vito himself will most likely remain a mystery..."

We hate mysteries...


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  3. Ed, the revenge was bad for immediate business, yes, but it also rid the traitors, and he regained control of the crime family thru the murders, as Joe Di Maulo had taken over. The first person that was whacked when Vito came home from prison was Di Maulo, and then his traitor cronies all went to their graves. Vito did a hell of a job regaining control. Vito died of cancer, that's not a mystery.
    Vito Rizzuto was a great man, old school, and
    a guy that could and would really help a friend
    in need of of Vito's assistance, or if you were an
    enemy, he could and would end your life.
    And he did that to many, with no hesitation.

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    I'm as serious as a heart attack.

  5. You don't like Ed's articles? Write your own, if you can, you semi-literate clod....

  6. I just assumed that anyone reading this site does so for the same reasons that I do..... That we all have a deep, scholarly interest in the phenomenon of organized crime, its origins, its effects, the sort of people who engage in it, etc. This site consistently offers entries that are of deep interest to those of fascinated by this topic. Why would anyone come to the site to denigrate it? Don't they have anything better to do? Like sit in the corner and dribble all over themselves?

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  9. Guys (and gals) I'm covering the Alite story because the New York media outrageously is ignoring it. Remember all the Gotti stories the Post, Daily News and Newsday ran in the 80s, 90s, etc.? If John Gotti took a shit, they covered it. And Junior's ebook was given pages in the Daily News. You tell me: why isn't a single paper writing about that 302???? I have some news for you: why do you think I leaked it? Because other newspapers wouldn't.

    I'm not the go-to guy for that kind of news, believe me.

    Junior isn't giving any interviews whatsoever. Whatever bullshit reason he gives, the fact is he can't do interviews unless the field is tilted in his favor. He can't answer questions because he'll incriminate himself. So I have his minions on here writing crap about me anonymously.

    Johnny Alite is giving interviews in Florida and Philadelphia, he's all over television and radio, but not in New York. The U.K. press is even writing about him!! The media is a disgrace in this town and it's outrageous what they are doing. It's a disservice to all of you from New York.

    Journalists speak truth to power. This is news; they are not covering it.

    I thought it was a matter of none of them having the balls. But now I'm seriously wondering if more nefarious reasons are at work here.

    (This is why I use a pseudonym....)

    Trust me. You ain't seen nothing yet.

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  13. While Vito and I spent 2+ years at MDC, U GET initialed examined for diseases , such as one of those u get when traveling to other countries. And Vito cane back to have this big mass on his lungs in his chest. { TB ]. BUT THE DOC did nothing for it, and he sent the next 10+ years in prison without it being treated, then when he comes home he dies of this complication. SO IF U REALLY WANNA KNOW WHO KILLED VITO, THE UNITED STATWS GIVERNMENT

  14. Ed you want to call me out? I assure you i do not play games. No really i love your site. I have read as far back as you can go and love this site. Got your book and it started a chain of others. Amazon is slowly but surely draining my bank account. Lol. I admire your work and totally enjoy your friends comments both connected and friends who left the life. Or turned whatever. Any suggestions on books for me to read would be appreciated. I prefer books from the 70's to present. The people here seem to be straight up about things and i have made your site part of my daily reading. Thanks for all your work and thank you to the guys who post here. It totally makes my day.

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  20. Similar situation with Gotti Sr. and his cancer. So true.


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