Footage of Drita D'Avanzo Fight, Before & During

In the above video, a woman is clearly taunting Lee and Drita D'Avanzo, with Drita apparently screaming in the background. (Note: we don't see what happened prior to the beginning of the filming.)

Then, reportedly a few moments after the above was filmed, the fight took place, with a next-door neighbor filming it. (See fight video on jump page, at end of story.) I, for one, have problems with this scenario. These videos were clearly filmed separately, and in one version, not posted here, they were fused together in the sequence I described, with the above video comprising part one.

The problem is the second part doesn't seem like it was filmed immediately following the first. Or to put it another way, what proof is there that the one sequence immediately followed or preceded the other? We have two incidents captured on different cameras -- and I have seen nothing definitive that says which one came first. It's possible and quite likely the two sequences were filmed on the same day (Lee is wearing the same clothing), but again I saw no definitive proof. One website that posted the two videos edited together even put its name on the footage -- how do we not know they're not trying to edit a story that didn't happen?

As noted D’Avanzo, 40, was busted after she visited Mary Bratti, 38, on Amboy Road in Tottenville about 4:30 p.m. on Tuesday. During an argument, she punched Mary Bratti, a former chef, in the face and ran off, police said. The reality television star later surrendered at the 123rd Precinct stationhouse and was charged with misdemeanor assault.

Anyway what's amazing is how Lee can just stand there while his wife engages the woman in a fistfight, apparently over a parking spot. Also, exactly who is Lee speaking to on his cellphone the whole time? (Don't know what you all think, but it isn't at all clear to me who threw the first punch. Drita seems to duck, then launch...)

Fast forward about 25 seconds to see fight footage, which is, quite annoyingly, looped...

And, hey, since I am posting fight videos, here's an amazing fight from season one between Drita and Karen (unedited). You'd have to be pretty ballsy to be a chick and fight Drita, she's definitely willing to go mad-dog crazy when it comes to throwing down -- she'll go at the drop of a dime.....