Bonanno Capo Wins Re-sentence Despite His "Stupidity"

Was Pipitone stupid or was he simply twice as stupid as the other two: Joseph Desimone and Ronald Giallanzo
"Little Anthony"

Anthony “Little Anthony” Pipitone was initially given a two-year sentence, twice as much time as his two pals got for violating the terms of their parole by attending the Bonanno crime family's holiday shindig last December.

The reason his time was doubled apparently was due to his "stupidity," though newspaper reports don't clarify whether the judge meant that Pipitone alone was stupid or if he was simply twice as stupid as the other two.

On March 30, news reports noted that a Brooklyn federal judge agreed to re-sentence one of the three Bonanno mobsters violated for attending the holiday bash.

As the N.Y. Post reported,
Two other cons, busted at the same event, were sentenced to a year and day in prison by Judge Nicholas Garaufis. After scolding Pipitone, 43, for his stupidity, Garaufis shocked the gangster and his lawyer, James Kousouros, by giving him a two-year term.
Kousouros, noting the sentence discrepancy and claiming Pipitone has reformed, asked for a chance to be heard at a later date. 
Garaufis agreed to an April 18 sentencing when he said, sarcastically, he wanted to hear more on the mobster’s supposed rehabilitation.

The Brooklyn US Attorney’s office named Anthony and 14 others in a 33-count indictment charging them as Bonanno crime family members who'd engaged in extortion, racketeering, bank fraud, drug trafficking and illegal gambling. Accordingly, "Little Anthony" Pipitone was arrested on October 14, 2009. He supposedly was released in early 2013, though the BOP website now proclaims his release date is: UNKNOWN.

Judge Nicholas Garaufis must be sick and tired of the Bonanno holiday party. The judge known for his wit and historical low tolerance for wiseguys and their bullshit notably already summed up his feelings about the Bonanno Christmas party held this year on Staten Island.

He quoted Yogi Berra and Forrest Gump. 

"In the words of the great Yogi Berra, it's déjà vu all over again," Judge Garaufis said, "somewhat sadly, in Brooklyn Federal Court," one report editorialized. "And that's all I'm going to say about that, in the words of Forrest Gump," he added.

Garaufis presided over multiple prosecutions of Bonanno mobsters since 2002.

He described the Christmas party as "a modern day version of what happened in Apalachin, New York."

But if I could ask Judge Garaufis one question about this matter, it would have to be what he meant by "Little Anthony's" stupidity, as noted in the beginning of this story: Was Pipitone stupid or was he simply twice as stupid as the other two: Joseph Desimone and Ronald Giallanzo

The judge refused to release the three gangsters on bail for violating their federal supervised release. They did this by attending the party and associating with fellow mobsters.

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