Legitimate Guy Wrote "Untold Story"

I was part of the criminal underworld for... three decades, since my early teens, in Brooklyn, New York. More specifically I was an associate of the Gambino Crime Family with blood ties to Cosa Nostra in Sicily. I’m speaking in the past tense because those days are long behind me. I made a decision to turn my back on the Mafia. I betrayed the unspoken oath I had taken as a teenage criminal on the rough and tumble streets of Brooklyn, to never rat out anyone, not even your enemy...

Not many of you, I bet, have experienced a full-cavity strip search. I certainly haven't.

Well, "Mr. Fitzgerald," author of The Untold Story of A Top Echelon Informant: What the Government is Hiding and Protecting (a 12-page story available on Amazon Kindle priced at $2.99), excerpted above, writes of strip searches, among other things.

He estimates he's gone through full strip and cavity searches "hundreds of times."

Mr. Fitzgerald is a pseudonym; the writer of this story tells us he was a Gambino crime family associate. If you are fascinated by some of the sharpest real-life criminals, you'd be interested in checking Mr. Fitzgerald's narrative out.

He describes the pecking order in prison as such:

(It's) how we knew who we could socialize with and who we had to watch our backs around.... the blue-collar criminals, such as the bank robbers, were on top of the pecking order. Bank robbers were regarded as true hardcore criminals. They were not your common criminals they were professional, organized criminals and committed more complex crimes....
Now the thing with any kind of memoir by an anonymous author is you wonder a.) is he really who he says he is and b.) is what he says worth the price?

We will answer those questions as best we can.

First off, he is indeed a former Gambino crime family associate. Without a doubt. (In other words, we know the author's real name.)

As for the value of the information -- that depends on what interests you. This story touches on several interesting topics and examines two high-profile unsolved crimes -- or rather one murder (of a mob boss), as well as the identity of one of the world's most infamous anonymous criminals.

Using information he knows combined with what he learned in the witness unit of prison, Fitzgerald offers some tantalizing details In addition, we learn about life inside the witness protection unit of prison (and believe it or not, the living conditions are actually worse than they are in general population).

Fitzgerald knows a few things about the criminal world that most of us "citizens" don't know, so when he meets Steve "The Rifleman" Flemmi, we get a bit more details in a compact piece of writing:

I heard a lot about Flemmi over the years; he was a notorious criminal from the Boston Irish Mob, Winter Hill Gang. Flemmi was not only a high-ranking member of the Winter Hill Gang, but he was a government informant since 1965. His partner in crime was Jimmy "Whitey" Bulger a criminal from the Boston underworld and also a Top Echelon informant. Flemmi was the sidekick on paper, but those close to them will tell you Flemmi was the brains and could outsmart the best of them....

A  couple of key topics this story addresses is the question of not who killed Joseph Colombo, but the more important question of why..... Next, we are provided with some interesting insight into an old-time criminal who pulled off one of the greatest unsolved heists. (And by the way, did you know that D.B. Cooper was not even his name?)

"Fitzy" has established an excellent platform from which he can write an ongoing number of stories, and if they're all of this caliber, I'd buy them.