Longtime Genovese Wiseguy Who Was Street Boss and Consiglieri Died, Sources Say

Longtime Genovese crime family capo Peter (Petey Red) DiChiara, who reputedly was the street boss, or front boss, for Liborio Bellomo, died Friday (March 2), two separate sources confirmed.

Peter (Petey Red) DiChiara was allegedly street boss of Genovese crime family
Petey Red.

DiChiara, who allegedly also was the Genovese crime family's consiglieri, had diabetes and other medical problems associated with the disease.

DiChiara, 75, ran a social club in Lower Manhattan at 73 Market Street, which has been around since the 1990s. Except for the five-year period when DiChiara was serving time for a federal racketeering beef thanks to the associate with the funny Rolex, the club was known to have been a busy place, though the patrons reportedly had grown to ecompass more than members of Petey Red's crew, supposedly a sign of DiChiara's rise in the hierarchy to draw fire away from Bellomo, the official boss. (Bellomo was named to the acting slot in the 1980s by Vincent "Chin" Gigante himself.)

In January 2016, DiChiara, was relaying messages for Bellomo "to and from capos and important family soldiers," as Jerry Capeci reported on Gang Land News.

"The arrangement is similar to one long employed by the cagey Gigante who long fooled the law about his mob role by having Anthony (Fat Tony) Salerno serve as the "upfront" boss for his crime clan, while keeping below the radar himself."

Fat Tony Salreno, with Vincent "Fish" Cafaro who flipped
Fat Tony Salreno, left, with Vincent "Fish" Cafaro, on the right.

Petey Red's law enforcement problems began in 2002 thanks to Michael (Cookie) Durso, who collected dirt on more than 70 Genovese wiseguys, including Gigante, (who died in a prison hospital on December 19, 2005).

Also nabbed as part of the years-long probe was then-acting boss Dominick "Quiet Dom" Cirillo, Barney Bellomo, Frank (Farby) Serpico and Ernest Muscarella, Rosario (Ross) Gangi, Alan (Baldie) Longo, Sammy (Meatballs) Aparo and DiChiara.

Then identified as a capo, Petey Red faced an array of racketeering charges related to running loansharking gambling, extortion, labor bribery, and a major check cashing racket.

As Gang Land News also reported in 2016, "DiChiara, who has diabetes, hasn't been well. One feared he may have been hospitalized, but that could not be confirmed."