Newspapers Suffer From Gene Gotti Derangement Syndrome

Better run to the hills! Gene Gotti was spotted outside his Long Island home!

Yes, it's Gene Gotti at his Valley Stream home on Long Island, about five minutes away from Cosa Nostra News

The mob is worried about how his release will impact their rackets! Saints preserve us!!!

We can already see the for-sale signs rising up on front lawns all over Long Island. Call the police! Maybe some priests while we're at it? (Though they may be too busy with other things these days.) And for god's sake, will someone protect the children!

While we didn't actually see such exclamations -- well, we did spot one of them, actually -- based on some of the more hysterical newspaper reports we've eyeballed, we certainly would not have been surprised if we had.

No, Gene Gotti isn't going to come and eat you. The younger brother of the late Gambino boss, John Gotti, was released from prison last week, and we don't know why newspapers continue to flog this. Is it really so surprising that the man has been seen? Gene Gotti does exist. He's not, like, fictitious.

 He has a real family, too, and some sources we've spoken to feel there's a line here that shouldn't be crossed.

"Where is the privacy for the family -- the grandchildren, the wife, the children? Why antagonize them?" a gangland source told us.

"Gene has been watched for 30 years now," as former Gambino capo Michael (Mikie Scars) DiLeonardo told Cosa Nostra News.

"Leave the man alone, he paid his debt."

Law  enforcement sources told the New York Post that Gene Gotti was "entitled to take on a role in the Gambino family," which is led most likely by Sicilians. 

Frank Cali is known for his savvy street diplomacy and from what Mikie Scars has told us, Gene will continue to be a respected, albeit extremely low-profile capo in good standing. He's as Cosa Nostra as his brother John was.

And Gene Gotti is reportedly so anti-government, he refused an opportunity to get out of the can a full year (12 months) early.... Recall that this guy just finished a 30 (thirty) year stretch in prison... He flatly refused early release...Where were YOU 30 years ago?? Seriously this is as hardcore as this thing gets!

As Gang Land News reported last week, Gene declined placement in the BOP halfway house designed to help inmates "adjust to life in the community and find employment."

Gene Gotti in 1983, indicted for heroin trafficking.

In 2008, the BOP "lengthened the early prison release for assignment to a halfway house from six months to a year," and "every other reputed organized crime inmate who has come across Gang Land's desk, including (John) Carneglia, who was placed in a halfway house last September, has accepted the designation."

But not Genie Gotti. "(R)ather than breathe free air a year before his release date — and spend his days allegedly looking for a job and his nights at a new facility located in the trendy DUMBO (Down under the Manhattan Bridge overpass) section of Brooklyn — Gotti rejected the early release out of hand."
Gene Gotti, answering front door....

Gene Gotti, who became a made member one year before his brother -- who, it should be noted, was already acting capo for Bergin chief Carmine Fatico even prior to his own induction into the Gambinos -- was dead serious about Cosa Nostra way back in the 1980s, and apparently all these decades later, that hasn't changed -- not a lick.