Alite Sports Wants To Help You Win Every Bet

Since the dawn of organized crime in the US, gangsters have been making fortunes by capitalizing on our love of betting; whether by taking a piece of the winnings or lending the dough to place the bet, they have numerous ways to earn off our vice.

John Alite, legitimate businessman

Now former Gambino associate John Alite is attempting a first with Alite Sports, his new sports consulting firm, which offers guidance on sports betting, among other things.

It's also one of several things John Alite has going on in 2020. His new book, Darkest Hour 2: Through the Eyes of the Barrel, will be out in March, and he'll appear in a new Netflix series to break this winter. And a couple of other things we're holding back for separate stories.

Launched via a partnership between John and Peter Black, Alite Sports offers intelligence on who to bet on and how. The firm also offer tips on managing your money to minimize your losses. Unlike other websites offering similar services, Alite Sports doesn't actually take bets and makes no claim on winnings.

It offers betting on most types of games.

And we’re going to show you how accurate the firm's guidance is in real time. 

Before a game, we’re going to publish Alite Sports guidance, so we can see how their picks do in reality.....

To access the company’s intelligence, one can purchase one of several different types of memberships (daily, weekly, monthly, annually).

“If you’re betting on games, you need to be a member of,” Peter Black told us recently.

"John and I put all of our experience, knowledge, and passion together to create this business. Many of your readers are familiar with John's history. My experience with sports betting and sports betting consulting is extensive as is the experience of the guys on our team. Joshua Martinez Evans, one of our most experienced analysts and researchers, helps develop our picks and sources the most accurate and exclusive information. He has been a huge asset to and its ongoing success."

Joshua is a sports and gambling enthusiast who developed the website's proprietary software.

After the software develops a baseline, "we compare it with up to 30 freelance handicapper picks and then the team votes on the particular bet. Our software is unique in that it takes into consideration performance history injuries, a team's strengths and weaknesses, and other things. It’s about creating patterns and finding breaks in the patterns. If you can figure out the process by which oddsmakers develop odds, you will be able to get a good idea of how to beat point spreads and almost anything else."

Also differentiating the company is that it is more like an investment consulting firm.

"We are more than just handicappers. We are available by phone or email when you pay for a membership. Members not only get the best sports picks available, but also access to our team of experts. Even if you’re experienced with sports betting, we help give you a competitive edge against the books. We are always there for clients to walk them through betting strategies and anything else they need help with.

“We have about 27 freelance handicappers, analysts and researchers all over the United States. Out of 27 people on our team, about 10 are located in Colorado Springs Eventually, we’re going to open a branch in New Jersey.

Peter Black

“Every single person that’s involved with Alite Sports is passionate about what we’re doing and we believe that we are a tool or an instrument of self-betterment. We want to give people the financial freedom to live life the way they want ....sports betting is just the medium.

“John has a colorful history to say the least. People can say what they want about him. But I’ll tell you this: He believed in this idea. I couldn’t ask for a better business partner or friend, and he and I share the same dream and goals. We are cut from the same cloth.”