A Gangster Who Keeps Coming Back From The Dead: Capone Auction Coming Soon

By Nick Christophers
The three granddaughters of Al Capone are setting up an auction to sell off a few gems he left behind. There is a gun which he favored and even letters he personally wrote to his son. These rare finds include a hefty price tag. Witherell, which is based in Sacramento, California, will hold a live auction on October 8.

Al Capone

This will of course draw the wealthy collectors worldwide to get their hands-on rare items of the infamous mob boss. One of the more sought-after items surely will be his favorite gun which was a Colt .45 bidding for around fifty-thousand dollars. The rare collection has been tagged “A Century of Notoriety: The Estate of Al Capone”. Also, on the table is a platinum Patek Philippe pocket watch with 90 single-cut diamonds emblazoned on it that will go for $12,500 and a pocket knife also with diamonds fetching close to $2,000. There are least 174 items due to be auctioned. Some of the items will also come from his last residence in Miami, Florida where he went to after being released from prison in 1939 and died there in 1947.

There are other items like furniture, home movies, photos of the family and items that belonged to Al’s only son, Sonny. The letters that were written by Capone to his son was while he was in Alcatraz in 1931. One of the letters is going for $12,500. Part of this vast and rare find belongs to one of Sonny’s daughters Diane Patricia Capone who will be at the preview prior to the auction. Included in the lot are items from Al’s home in Chicago like cufflinks, jewelry, earrings and money clips.

This will for sure draw some people just curious to see these items auctioned off aside from the true buyers. Even though, there have been items that have been displayed at the Mob Museum in Las Vegas of Capone’s these are more personal that have never before been revealed. So, keep your eyes and ears open to check out this interesting event.