Nick Christopher Novel Destinies Poised For Big Screen; Larry Mazza's MobTV

Nick Christophers, who contributes articles to this site and has written several mob-related books, is in talks to make a big-screen version of  his novel Destinies. Nick also recently appeared in an episode for the new MobTV, a free, ad-supported streaming channel (think of a Netflix that shows mob-based films and television shows only).

Poster for Destinies theatrical release
Poster for Destinies, based on novel by Nick Christophers.

Nick will appear on MobTV with former Colombo mobster Larry Mazza (who discusses MobTV in the podcast below).

MobTV is the brainchild of Infamous Media, an independent company owned by Soprano’s writer and producer Terence Winter, the creator of Boardwalk Empire and executive producer of The Sopranos. Winter co-founded MobTV with Joe Poletto, a former HBO executive. 

As per a Hollywood Reporter story published in December, "Infamous Media’s streaming offering will have free, ad-supported channels available to users; one of the first channels will be focused on mafia and other mob-related TV shows, movies and documentaries. The company currently has distribution deals with Plex, KlowdTV and LG Europe, and the first channel is expected to launch early in 2022."

“America’s fascination with the underworld and true crime continues to grow,” Winter said in a statement. “We’re excited to bring compelling and elevated new content from the genre to our audience through the branded channels of Infamous Media.”

Larry discusses the thinking behind MobTV, among lots of other stuff, in the Serious and Silliness podcast below.

Nick's Destinies was published by the London/New York outfit Austin Macauley

Nick initially worked with production company Backlot Studios in Florida. However, the unexpected passing of owner Sharlene Humm altered his plans. Currently, he's in negotiations with Shake the Tree Productions.

Artie Pasquale (from The Sopranos), Lou Martini Jr (Sopranos, Law & Order, Manifest), Lou Vanaria (Bronx Tale, Law & Order), Al Sapienza (Sopranos, House of Cards), and Al Linea (Boardwalk Empire) are among the actors that may appear in the film, as noted on the project's IMDB page.

Nick linked up with director Sean King to create a promo short to offer a preview. Lou Mastantuono (Crew, Creepy Chronicles) and Joe Di Bari (Road to Galena) star in the preview. Nick is looking to release the short film to select Film Festivals.

Nick has appeared in numerous podcasts and television shows. He can be seen offering his insight in REELZ's Mafia Killers with Colin McLaren. The documentary highlights notorious mobsters and features former detective McLaren telling first-hand stories about his experiences with Mafia families.

Nick is a published writer for the past 20 years in many print and online publications. He was the editor of the national magazine Mob Candy. He has won an award for exceptional reporting for radio program AKTINA FM. He runs his own small PR firm Nick Christopher Ink Corp that submits content to multiple platforms. 

His knowledge of organized crime is extensive as he is not only a historian but knew many OC figures. Nick grew up seeing wiseguys walking into the café his father once ran.

"I was in awe of them with their swagger and style. There was our weekly bookie I will call him Mr. Bookie who came every week to either pick up or drop off the football sheets and take action in the back room. Or Mr. M who always sat at the same stool everyday and ordered the same thing while chatting up with my Dad and Uncle about horse bets. Then there was the soon to be boss who came around with his two sons later to be embroiled in a war with "The Snake". Also a member of Sonny Black's crew would come around after he moved to Belle Harbor, Boobie who I became close to and went to AC with.

"Of course we also had the Jewish wiseguys like Mr. A and his bully son Hunter but I got along with them and shared drinks with them at the night clubs.

"My fascination I think derives from the above facts and that I joined a gang when I was in Jr High for protection from the bullies I had in Public School. I picked fights with them in Jr High since now I had the Bay Boys behind me. The gang was led by two Greeks so I fit in well. To this day I still know a few ex-made guys and have contact with them. I guess I will always have some kind of touch with the darker side (eat your heart out Vader)."

"Destinies is not your typical mob story its story-line throws you a curve midway. The main character is a woman, Nina, who by offering her help to a stranger ends up in the web of the mafia. The same stranger, Santangelo, becomes her love interest who at this point becomes a boss. They would bare a son, Tommy. After a tragic event Tommy is given to another family for his own saftey. Santo is forced into a war and the FBI is on the mob's tail. The story shifts to Tommy's life with this new family. He has no idea who his biological father is. He grows up in legit world and becomes a Assistant DA. In a short time that he is their he ends up on the team to prosecute Santo Furri. Right before the trial he discovers that the very man he is hoping to prosecute is his real father. It is a story with many twists and turns and the film should be just as dramatic."