Where In The World Is Onetime Bonanno Capo Dom Cicale These Days?

Well, Sierra Leone, Pakistan, and Guatemala—to name three places that Dominick Cicale, former Bonanno crime family capo, has visited on business during post-Cosa Nostra life over the past nine years.

Dom Cicale at  girls' schools in Sierra Leone
Dom Cicale at St. Joseph School for Girls. "The country's first lady asked for the water machine to be placed in that school because she went there as a young girl," Dom said.

(Yes, this is kind of an unusual story for this blog to publish, we admit....)

After being released from prison, Dominick met with a rabbi "who works to better humanity," he said. A source told us that Dom "offered to work to help society at large, and he has made great strides working with Yehuda Kaploun. Currently president of RussKap Water, Dominick has worked in various global locations to provide healthy water around the globe."

Kaploun told us that Dominick has been "a model of redemption since his release."

Diamond mine in the Eastern Province of Sierra Leone that Dom said he had a piece of.

Cosa Nostra News has obtained literally dozens (and dozens) of pictures of Dom in the various countries, not to mention paperwork to convince any doubting Thomas's. (Actually, we didn't need the paperwork as the pictures say enough.) 

Dom has come quite a ways since we collaborated on the Cicale Files ebook in 2014. We, unfortunately, have not...

In Sierra Leone, he created a ribbon cutting ceremony with the Government. "We were supplying clean drinking water to the country," Dom said by way of describing his trip to Africa. "The day we launched was national Water Day, and we donated the machine as just the beginning in our humanitarian efforts to bring quality water to the entire country."

Dom Cicale and  Yehuda Kaploun. 

Dom spent enough time there that his company rented a townhouse for him (located in a gated community). He also can be seen dining at the home of an official of the Sierra Leone government. "He was the one who walked us into the VP and President to partner up with a $100,000,000.00 contract for our machines throughout their country."

Over there, Dom also has an interest in a ... diamond mine, he tells us. "I was investing (in the mine) because I had the protection of the government and the power." His stake in the mine was facilitated via a UK partner, one Michael Anderson, "who is extremely wealthy," Dom tells us.

Dom, far left, meets with officials of Pakistan at the Governor's Mansion. "The Governor was placing our water machines in 20,000 villages," Dom told us.

At the same time, Cicale hasn't forgotten his days in the Bronx with Vinny Gorgeous, et al, and is seeking to capitalize on his old roots in a couple of ways. For one thing, Dom is working on launching his own podcast, "Mafia RoundTable," joining the ranks of various other ex-wiseguys and associates out there earning some do re mi talking about the past.

Dom's other effort centers on forming something he has dubbed the "VisCicale family organization."

Here we don't really understand what he is doing or why, to be honest. We'll let him explain it....

Cicale is a hard-core traveler in post-Cosa Nostra life.

He explained: “The word 'Mafia' means 'swagger' for everyone that is unaware. Whether it be greed, selfishness, or other reasons, people had the original path changed and it went in a totally different direction and became something totally different, with a stigma. ... The original Mafia was assembled in Sicily to protect its people from outside corrupt forces. However, through the years and coming to America, the Mafia became an illegal corrupt mega force.

"The VisCicale family, Inc., is the new age Mafia that prides itself on the origin it was created from, protecting its people and members from outside corrupt forces.” Dom says he has assembled a powerhouse group of high profile cooperator-killers, Mafia associates, even attorneys, and successful businessmen. The VisCicale Family's number-one rule is "NO CRIMINAL ACTIVITY," meaning it is "ALL LEGAL."

Cicale apparently went native on us....Here, he's at Pakistan's College of Lahore "where we did a speaking engagement and answered questions for the college kids who wanted to know about America and the job force. The dance was a traditional tribal dance," Dom said.

"The VisCicale family is a corporation, a brand name. We have our camaraderie back—we all have our own legal contacts and resources and we share them as part of a well-structured organization with a chain of command in place. We welcome the opportunity to prove and explain everything regarding the VisCicale Family, Inc., on our podcast, "The Mafia RoundTable", including its structure and goals should anyone wish to challenge us."

"Dominick Cicale is back with the New Age Mafia, we are now more powerful than ever, because now, WE and IT are all 100% legal."

We'd run more pictures, but as you can see, we've run out of room....