'Mob Wives Miami' Coming Soon? Yes, Indeed...And Philly Too

What's Jenn Graziano cooking up these days
for her hit reality show Mob Wives?
REVISED: In the past year there has been a lot of media speculation about a third expansion of Mob Wives into another region of the U.S., in addition to New York and Chicago (although the show's fate in the Windy City remains difficult to gauge).

One typical report in The Wrap seemed to sum up the general theories, noting there were several potential locales at which former mob wives could enact their drama for Jen Graziano's hit reality show Mob Wives. The Wrap reported: "There are conversations right now going on about a 'Mob Wives' extension, absolutely," [a source from the show's production staff said]. "The mob is everywhere and so are their wives."

As for where it would be set, he added: "I think the iconic locations you would expect are right -- the places that are characterized from all the great films, whether it be Chicago or Las Vegas or Miami."

Just recently, I received confirmation of an assertion I had heard a few months back, that there is indeed a third Mob Wives on the way, and it will be in Florida in Miami. This is according to two separate, independent sources. [Jen Graziano recently confirmed that both Miami and Philadelphia would get their own extensions of Mob Wives.]

One source said he was involved in casting for the show in Florida, but offered no additional info other than to inquire if I knew of any Mob Wives worth interviewing.

Today, the second source told me that she had sought to win a role on the Miami version of the show. I was caught off guard: "What?" And she repeated: the Miami version of Mob Wives, like it was widely announced (turns out, it hadn't been). According to her, casting is complete for Miami Mob Wives. All that remains is for the announcement, she said. "It's kind of a secret," she said, when I asked about the status of an announcement.

On Twitter, I was stopped by the Twitter Police, who gave me a ticket. She/he told me that this was old news. Why, M.O.B. Wives already revealed this last year! They did mention Miami as one of several possible locations, but it was based on speculation, in one story I found called "Mob Wives: What City Is Next?"

I have two sources who have confirmed the location for me. So I will leave it up to you to decide if M.O.B. Wives scooped me. They have a great many scoops and I'd never denigrate the site. I respect its journalistic values, though do take issue with some stories it has written, as I am sure anyone reading this blog has issues with some stories posted here.

But one issue I have and will state right here is this Twitter Police entity-- she/he should be named "Mob Wive Blogspot flack who will actively and aggressively promote the blog in any and all social media situations." Read the "cop's" profile. Or, you can just look here:

C'mon, ladies? What is this crap?