At Danbury Prison, Albanians, Mafiosi Duked It Out

Jerry Capeci's GanglandNews today reports that "25 inmates — including five mobsters and two Albanian hoods whose names Gang Land has obtained," engaged in a "bloody jailhouse brawl"during leisure time in the rec room of the federal prison in Danbury, Connecticut, on Saturday, March 14.

Danbury, the article noted, is a low-security facility that houses 750 sentenced inmates.

Alex Rudaj,of Albanian Mafia.
Following the violent confrontation, everyone involved was "thrown into "the hole" after receiving stitches or treated for cuts, bloody noses and other non-life-threatening injuries."

Prison officials and the FBI are investigating but declined to confirm or deny the fight, the website reported.
Sources say the suspected mob pugilists included Colombo soldier Vito Guzzo, 50, Gambino mobsters Michael (Mikey Y) Yannotti, 51, Michael Roccaforte, 38, and Neil Lombardo, 59, and Bonanno wiseguy Robert Lino, 48.
Their primary victims, sources say, were Albanian gangsters Prenka (Big Frankie) Ivezaj, 49, and Nardino (Lenny) Colotti, an Italian-American hood who once ran with the Gambinos but defected and co-founded the violent gang of mostly Albanian heritage gangsters with Alex Rudaj in the 1990s. Colotti, 53, was with about six crew members during the riot. 
Sources say the fighting, which took place in an area that is constantly videotaped, stemmed from a beating early that morning that several Albanian gangsters gave to an older non-Italian inmate who is friendly with the wiseguys while he was asleep in his cell. .....
... Before the older inmate was attacked, the rival gangsters had been feuding about the allegiances of another inmate, who had ties to both groups, but whom the mobsters felt very strongly was "with them" and not the Albanians. The gangster, whom Gang Land was unable to identify, was "on the fence," but the wiseguys were adamant that he "belonged with them, not the other guys," said one source.

One Albanian gangster told Cosa Nostra News: "For sure we Albanians are serious, and in Europe we took over Milan and Bari. So we're pushing south. As we continue to migrate here, we will keep pushing them and become more organized. We do work -- all Albanians are workers. We're a violent people when we want to be."

The "Rudaj Organization" was named for Alex. Called "The Corporation" by its members, it started operating in 1993 in Westchester, then spread into the Bronx and Queens.

This Albanian Mafia shouldn't be confused with other iterations of the group, the FBI has noted.

Another Albanian Mafia, also highly active in the Bronx, apparently commenced operations in 2004, the same year the FBI cleared the Rudaj group off the streets before a bloody street war with the Luchese crime family could erupt.

The Feds gained intel from snitches and were compelled to arrest the group earlier than planned to prevent a potential bloodbath, according to an FBI source.


  1. I'm Italian. I just finished doing time in the jersey prison system. U don't see many Albanians down prison. If u do they roll with the muslims. I never did fed time but i was in Essex counties fed tier when I was going back n forth from yardville to the county for an open case. A big time Albanian guy who is a friend of mines uncle was there. Serious man. I approached him because I saw he was European and the way he moved was that of a serious man. When I brought up the cafe in Passaic nj on highland ave and that I knew mirsad he and I took to each other. I was only there for five days from Thursday to Monday and I went back to prison but before I keft I made sure my boy Khalil gave him sneakers, food, and some me clothes until he made commissary. No idea what happened to his case. It was a huge arms traffivking case and when he was on the run Americas most wanted did a special on him. His nephew has since turned into a junk box and I cut him off. But these Albanians are a serious bunch. Their country has been through nightmares Italian Americans could never imagine. This plays into their criminal mind state. Ruthless bunch.

  2. Hey, Pazzo. You from Passaic originally? Remember Mayor Lipari back in the '80's and early 90's? You brought me back some great memories of that town. Don't know if you were around back then, but there was a couple of mob heavies in that town. Mayor Lipari threw some events in third ward park for his campaigns. I met Jersey Joe Walcott, Floyd Patterson, and Rocky Graziano there all in one shot. Anyway, Joe Lipari got sent away for taking kickbacks and was suspected of a lot of other things which I won't mention. I was in Passaic just before this past winter. What a dump it became. I'm surprised there's Albanians operating there. I know they set up shop in Garfield and have a good working relationship with the Italians there. When I say Italians though I'm talking about ones from the other side. They tend to have more in common. There was a time when the Albanians were supposed to take over Sicily in the late 90's or early 2000's and that ended as soon as it started. Even the Sicilians are having problems keeping ahold of Sicily. I was involved with a building in Brooklyn that housed mostly Albanians. They definitely are tough, but I wasn't really impressed. If it was back in the 70's I think they would have been flattened, but they are a good resource in the muscle department, but have a little in the brains department. They got too much to prove. That's what makes them dangerous.

  3. Eddie Boy, nice article. These Albanians like to talk a lot. Last I saw on Italian news the Ndrangheta has Milano sewed up. I haven't heard much about Bari, but I think Albanians have been there for years. I thought the local mob there was the Sacra Corona something or other. Like I mentioned to Pazzo back in the late '90's they were pushing around Sicily, but they got straightened out right away. One thing is for sure, if Sicilians can't control Sicily, and I'm talking about the mafia, then nobody else can, even ISIS.

  4. Ed, I provided u proof bit it is not showing up. Did u recieve it? Did u check it out?

  5. He said they took over Milan and Bari , how could this be true don't you think that since they're in Italy. The mob would run them out of town

  6. The Ndrangheta franchised out the prostitution racket in Milan, the Santa Corona Unita runs Bari and most likely uses Albanians as the Camorra uses them, but make no mistake about it, they are not taking over Italy any time soon or even Europe. They do have the heroin market locked down in certain parts of Europe, but the drug of choice in that continent is cocaine, and the Calabrians own that lock stock and barrel , and they ain't afraid of the Albanians. Albanians got guts and can be ruthless, but so can every other mob that is out there. The Albanians are not going to get too far being that they are muslims and Al Queda sympathizers, but they are under much scrutiny because of that. What's interesting about this article is it took an Italian who once ran with the Gambinos to organize them and some of this Albanian gang consists of Italians who will never be made. About six years ago four Albanians went to Mexico to bypass certain people in hopes of beginning their own cocaine and drug pipeline. They got beheaded and hacked up. Los Zetas and the other major cartel down there are tied in with Ndrangheta and the Colombians, period, end of story.

  7. The sad thing is that you and I understand this because where we come from. The rest of America thinks every Italian-American family acts this way. Whats even more sad is that if they put on the real Italian-Americans on TV the show would be over after the first episode. This is what people want to see. It's all about making money. That's why I call them sell outs.

  8. It is true that there is a "crew" of women who act like hyenas on twitter, though every cast member has a "crew" that acts like hyenas on twitter.There's plus and negative side to their behavior. The plus is that they will protect those who are abused online and offline. The negative is that they will turn on one of their own without thinking correctly first. Every crew is irrational, emotionally-driven and brutal. They will go from 0 to 100 in a second.

  9. Absolutely old school, they aint got shit sewed up in Italy

  10. I read the files, looked it up. I don't see any evidence of anything other than the guy is a criminal.

  11. I'm from Paterson originally. It's not that they set up shop there but they have two cafes on highland ave Passaic Clifton border. Garfield has Albanians, upscale Wayne has a huge Albanian population but river st. In Paterson has the ones that will melt your face off over a card game. I used to play cards there and they always were speaking in Albanian so when I asked for them to stop tension built and everyone had their whistles out. I still fuck with a bunch of them but their loose cannons. I haven't posted because I just got out of Essex county jail. I spent three weekend there under false pretense. Got pulled over and they said I had a warrant that was handled a month after I came home from prison. I was in there with a DiNoia who was DePhillips right hand man in Newark. Not him but his brother. Poor guy could barely walk and they had him in that hell hole over some bullshit. Also a guy from Union ave who's Nicky "lucifer" lucarellos cousin. Only Italians on a tier full of gangbangin blacks and ricans. They respect the old school guys from seventh ave Newark and Bloomfield ave and although I'm only 30... I earned my respect with my hands anytime it came down to it. Compromise over confrontation but when u test a Man U can never show weakness. My mothers side is from myrtle age in Passaic. It's all Latinos and blacks and some polish. St Anthony's stil does Italian mass but it's predominantly a Philippine parish. I remember lipari from when I was younger but I grew up when the other prick who got jammed up was mayor. Spanish guy can't remember his name. At least In Paterson we have cianci st with cafes which was in sopranos w the Lou Costello statue, 21st age a few cafes and union ave. otherwise were a dying breed.


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