Greg Scarpa Jr "Transitioning, Yeah"

Greg Scarpa Jr., left, Senior, right....

A long-time friend of Cosa Nostra News telephoned the facility today and recorded the discussion, emailing the MPEG to yours truly.

Apparently, her feminine voice worked its magic on him and within seconds he gave her what we needed and couldn't get -- recorded confirmation.

Greg Scarpa Junior is "transitioning, yeah," the man on the phone finally admits after she asks what an RRM is. Specifically, she'd said "I thought it was a place for people getting out soon, who were...." And he said it (and you will soon hear it) -- "Transitioning, yeah."

Gregory Scarpa Junior, as noted, was sentenced to 40 years to life for assorted mob mayhem.

Only Scarpa Junior moved -- we're not sure when -- to a Residential Reentry Management Field Office in Kansas City, Kansas.

His BOP release data, however, is 2035 still, so it looks like -- if we're onto something here, and I believe that we are -- he is certainly getting "special" assistance which could have something to do with the information he gave - or has given - on those despicable terrorists who took him into their inner circle mistakenly believing he'd flex Mafia muscle in service to their hatred of these United States.

I don't have confirmation that this is the case -- but what else can we make of the recorded response of "transitioning, yeah"...?

He grudgingly said it too, as if knowing he was hiding something in plain sight.

I'll have to check if I can somehow post the audio clip for you all to hear.....If B allows it and someone out there knowledgeable about posting audio clips comes to my aid, I will upload the data....

Also: If the little image I sketch here is correct -- I say "Hats off to Greg Scarpa Junior!"

Well played.

This is one "informant" I don't think any of you will have problems with.... I certainly don't.

A doff of the hat to friend B.R. too who stretched out her smooth silky hand of friendship (and used her sexy beguiling vocal chords to assist this humble web entity).


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Greg Scarpa Jr. A Mafia wiseguy uncovers a treasure trove of al Qaeda intel | Peter Lance: "By Peter Lance.  The 9/11 Commission Report, published in July 2004 and later nominated for a National Book Award, concluded that the original World Trade Center bombing cell was made up of a “loosely based group of Sunni Islamists”; further, that the 9/11 plot had originated not with Ramzi Yousef in Manila in 1994, as I had demonstrated, but with Yousef’s uncle Khalid Shaikh Mohammed, who—according to Snell’s account—merely pitched the planes-as-missiles operation to Osama bin Laden in 1996. The evidence I’d obtained from the Philippines National Police demonstrated that the Yousef-KSM Manila cell was funded directly by bin Laden via his brother-in-law, but the Commission, with the backing of Snell and other ex-Feds, concluded that KSM wasn’t even a member of al Qaeda in 1996. 
By mid-2004 I was getting closer to the truth. The 1996 FBI 302 memos I’d tried to share with the commission showed that the Bureau, and prosecutors from the Justice Department, had affirmatively covered up evidence of an active al Qaeda cell in New York City. A number of those 302′s can be accessed  HERE."