What's Going on with Greg Scarpa Jr?

Gregory Scarpa Junior, sentenced to 40 years to life for assorted mob mayhem (a law enforcement source told us he's been linked to 24 homicides alone), has been transferred from the same Supermax that Vinny Basciano was in.
Scarpa Junior at Colorado's ADX.

Only Scarpa Junior has been moved -- we're not sure when -- to something called a Residential Reentry Management Field Office based in Kansas City, Kansas.

"He's never getting out," the source told us. "They might have moved him to make him more comfortable now that everything has settled down." But still -- a a Residential Reentry Management Field Office?

We phoned the RRMs press office to ask the question: if someone is transferred to an RRM, does it mean they are being prepared to be released.

The phone rep couldn't give us an answer and suggested we call another phone number. But if a person who works for the RRM unit couldn't provide us with a simple definition of what an RRM is, can we honestly expect someone from the BOP to give us an answer? We never mentioned Scarpa Junior, only asked for a definition of what those places are. They are defined on the website as:

RRMs administer contracts for community-based programs and serve as the Federal Bureau of Prisons local liaison with the federal courts, the U.S. Marshals Service, state and local corrections, and a variety of community groups within their specific judicial districts. RRM Staff also monitor local Residential Reentry Centers which are responsible for providing federal offenders with community-based services that will assist with their reentry needs.

Scarpa Junior was about to testify at the Roy Lindley "Lin" DeVecchio trial. He never got the opportunity.

In 2006, Brooklyn district attorney Charles Hynes indicted DeVecchio on charges that he'd helped Scarpa kill four people in the 1980s and early 1990s by supplying confidential FBI information. The trial was destroyed in the fall of 2007 when Tom Robbins of The Village Voice came forward with an interview he and Jerry Capeci had conducted with Schiro in 1997 in which Schiro denied that DeVecchio had been involved in murders. This eventually orced prosecutors to move for a dismissal of charges against DeVecchio, which was granted on November 1, 2007.

View a collection of Scarpa Junior's 302s posted online by Peter Lance, and a recap of part of his story.

As the MailOnline noted:

The FBI had advance warning of an al-Qaeda plot to bring down a commercial airliner on American soil just weeks before the 1996 TWA 800 crash that claimed 230 civilian lives.
Now, a series of previously-confidential FBI documents obtained by investigative journalist Peter Lance and seen by MailOnline, provide compelling evidence that the crash was an act of terror orchestrated by the man now believed by many to be the true architect of 9/11. 
Speaking to MailOnline Lance said: ‘Who wants to have an act of terror on their watch especially an act of terror where an argument could be made that they could have stopped it? 
‘The FBI were warned from their own guy. What happened was exactly what he had predicted, exactly. All the dots were connected.’ 

Al-Qaeda never claimed responsibility for the aircraft crash. The official cause of the disaster remains an explosion of a fuel tank due to a short circuit aboard the plane.

In a chilling twist, the source of the FBI intelligence was mafia capo, Gregory Scarpa Jr. The son of one of the mob’s most prolific killers hoped that co-operating in the federal sting would lead to a lighter sentence for his own crimes. 
The arrangement came about when, in the winter of 1996 Scarpa Jr found himself in a cell on the 9th floor tier of the Metropolitan Correctional Center (MCC) the federal jail in lower Manhattan, between al Qaeda terrorists Ramzi Yousef and Abdul Hakim Murad.