Gotti Grandson Makes Bizarre References to Last Week's Howard Beach Murder

Just as his grandfather was brought down by a bug planted in an apartment above the mob boss’ Ravenite Social Club, young John Gotti was caught on a listening device hidden inside his Infiniti sedan.
John Gotti grandson
In an exclusive interview with the New York Daily News on Saturday, John Gotti (grandson of the notorious former Gambino crime family boss) detailed some of the dynamics that he believes led to his arrest two days prior to his discussion with two journalists.

His own decision to allegedly mastermind the selling of Oxycodone and other diverted prescription drugs didn't figure once in the interview. And, disturbingly, for reasons of his own, he referenced the brutal rape and murder of a young woman last Tuesday in Howard Beach, one of two Queens neighborhoods in which Gotti and six others allegedly sold illegal prescription drugs. The murder remains unsolved.

Calling Karina Vetrano "drop-dead gorgeous" as well as a "sweetheart" whom he personally knew, Gotti also made a bizarre reference to her father, who found her body, calling him a "man's man."

Last Thursday Gotti and six others were charged with selling Oxycodone and other controlled substances in the Queens neighborhoods of Howard Beach and Ozone Park. The arrests followed a year-long probe by the New York City Police Department’s Narcotics Borough and the Queens District Attorney’s Narcotics Investigations Bureau.

A search warrant executed when Gotti was arrested led NYPD cops to search the Gotti home, a first, and seize 500 oxycodone tablets and $40,000 in cash. 

At the arraignment last Thursday night following the decision that he be held without bail, Gotti lawyer Gerard Marrone told the New York Post that he didn’t believe there was a need to ask for protective custody for his client.

That's because, as he said:
“Gottis are tough guys. They don’t have any trouble in jail,” the lawyer said. “Gottis are definitely stand-up guys. That goes without saying.”

During the interview on Saturday with Daily News reporters, Gotti said it was the pressure to "live up to the wealth, power and prestige of his family name" that caused him to allegedly deal drugs.

“I was stupid, young and dumb,” Gotti said during the interview at Rikers Island where he was held, speaking as if his arrest were 20 years ago, rather than barely two days.

Then, referring to last Tuesday's vicious rape and murder of 30-year-old Karina Vetrano, the jogger who disappeared while out for an afternoon run, Gotti "echoed a rant he posted on Facebook," the News reported.

"People in Howard Beach were better off in his father's day," he told the News.

"Yes, some of them were gangsters. Some of them were tough guys. But they put fear in the neighborhood.”

Gotti said that he knew the murdered woman "well" and that they "ran in the same social circles." 

Vetrano was “drop-dead gorgeous and a sweetheart,” he told the News.

Her father, Philip Vetrano was a "real man," Gotti said, who was "was trying to hold it together."

Karina Vetrano

Karina's father found her body in an area called  Spring Creek Park.

"I have a mother. I have a sister. I have a beautiful girlfriend," Gotti said. "And you have this tragedy … It hits too close to home."

Speaking of homes, Gotti also claimed to understand "why some people say it would’ve angered his late grandfather that he brought his (drug) business into the family home."

Apparently, the NYPD had to explain to him that his grandfather, on the street for decades, had never conducted mob business inside his home and had therefore prevented law enforcement from ever subjecting the house to a search.

For cops to kick in doors of the house "like they’re filming a five-star dramatic movie scene" was unnecessary, he said.

Gotti "would’ve preferred if authorities had called his lawyer to inform him of the impending arrest and he would have gladly turned himself in."

Apparently he believes he's deserving of different treatment than other alleged drug dealers.

Gotti continued blaming the NYPD for Howard Beach's overall perceived decline.

"They’re worse than gangsters," he said, referring to the NYPD.

"At least gangsters keep it in their circle."

Fellow inmates at Rikers are treating him fine, he said. It's apparently a case of "all love" for the Gotti name, he said.

According to the News, he spent the first night in the jail infirmary to detox, not because of any kind of physical withdrawal due to a drug addiction, however.

"He wasn’t addicted to painkillers to the point of getting sick with withdrawal, but the detox was making things easier for him mentally," the News wrote.

He also addressed whether or not he’ll return to Howard Beach should he get released. He was ordered to be held without bail until Aug. 31, when he goes before a judge next.

Turns out, he won't return to the "toxic environment" called Howard Beach, he told the News.

As per Operation Beach Party, undercover officers allegedly purchased $46,080 worth of Oxycodone, an opioid pain medication, from Gotti during 11 undercover buys between April 22, 2016, and July 28, 2016.

Ten of those buys were allegedly recorded via video and audio surveillance.

Six court-authorized search warrants were executed as well.

Gotti’s residence and two vehicles he reportedly used also were searched, among other locations.

Daily News story published last Thursday reported that "The Dapper Don’s namesake grandson, in a bizarre social media post, insisted the late Gambino family head could have prevented this week’s Howard Beach rape and murder of a neighborhood jogger."

Just hours prior to his arrest, John Gotti was "ranting" on Facebook about Karina Vetrano, writing:

From Facebook via Daily News

"That’s so true," responded one Gotti fan, according to the News. "We protected it. And a lot of the men who aren’t with us any more put more fear into the criminals’ hearts than anyone can do. They never came to Howard Beach."

"If true, that left the Gottis as the Queens neighborhood’s lone criminals," The News pointedly commented, noting that: "Among the Gottis to serve time over the years are the late boss John along with brothers Peter and Gene, and then two of the 23-year-old Gotti’s uncles — John (Junior) Gotti and Carmine Agnello."

"The third-generation John Gotti could continue the family prison tradition if authorities can get a conviction on either of the alleged drug dealer’s two recent arrests."

The News published a map showing proximity between Gotti home and jogging path. 

"Gotti and a crew of dope dealers were peddling oxycodone pills on the streets of Howard Beach and Ozone Park for $23 to $24 per painkiller, according to Queens District Attorney Richard Brown."

"Just as his grandfather was brought down by a bug planted in an apartment above the mob boss’ Ravenite Social Club, young John was caught on a listening device hidden inside his Infiniti sedan. Gotti was recorded saying that he sold more than 4,200 pills per month and the illicit business pulled in $100,000 per month."