Snitch in Gotti-Asaro Federal Racketeering Indictment

The main snitch in the Vinny Asaro-John Gotti federal racketeering case is a Bonanno crime family associate, 32, whose criminal career began when he was 19 years old.

Today Gang Land News reported that the turncoat, Gene Borrello, "is the key witness in three major mob roundups pulled by the feds last month..."

Gene Borrello is the key turncoat.

"These include the automobile arson case against mob capo Vincent Asaro and John J. Gotti, grandson of the late Dapper Don. Another is The Gang That Couldn't Shoot Straight racketeering indictment against Asaro's wiseguy nephew, Ronald (Ronnie G) Giallanzo. 

"...And in the third case, he helped plan a $250,000 home invasion in which two robbers tied up a woman and ripped her engagement ring off her finger in 2014."

Capeci describes Borrello as "a one-man crime wave (we reported about one of those right here), which on occasion, spread to Florida. The only years he wasn't committing crimes since 2003, according to state and federal court records, was when he was locked up on various charges from September of 2007 until July of 2010."

Borrello is identified as "Associate-1" in court filings.

Borrello recruited Gotti and a third man to carry out Asaro's ordered arson.

On April 4, 2012, Borrello poured the gasoline onto the vehicle while defendent Matthew (Fat Mike) Rullan applied lit match.

Gotti, the getaway driver, drove away quite successfully, as per court filings.

Borrello was also involved in a plan by Gotti, Rullan and defendant, Michael Guidici to rob a Maspeth, Queens bank on April 18, 2012. The haul netted the crew a grand total of $5,941.
As reported on March 25, John Gotti's grandson and namesake thought he was en route to an eight-year prison sentence at a correctional facility in upstate New York called Fishkill. Instead, he was ferried to Brooklyn Federal court and brought before a judge alongside reputed Bonanno mobster Vincent Asaro, 82, and five alleged Bonanno associates to face a new indictment on arson and bank burglary charges.

The other Bonanno crew was busted a couple of weeks ago.

Bonanno mobster Vincent Asaro's nephew, acting capo Ronald Giallanzo, was nabbed Tuesday along with nine other reputed Bonanno crime family members and associates.

They face a wide array of criminal charges, some of which date back 20 years. 

 Giallanzo and the others were arraigned on racketeering, kidnapping, robbery, attempted murder and other charges in Brooklyn federal court.

Borrello's most recent arrest, according to court records highlighted by GLN, was in September of 2014 for planning a home invasion robbery of a suspected drug dealer. Borrello allegedly teamed up with half-brother Frank Cipolla. 

Queens detectives had been tipped about the plan by an informer and pulled Cipolla over while he was driving to the house. Guns, a ski-mask, and plastic zip-ties were located in the car.

After serving more than a year, Borrello began cooperating with a joint state and federal probe of home invasions and other racketeering crimes.