"East Coast LCN Enterprise" Mobsters Consider Plea Deals

Most defendants charged in the East Coast LCN Enterprise indictment were offered extra-sweet plea deals last Tuesday thanks to revelations about a whacky turncoat and alleged criminality of one of the FBI's mob squads.

Skinny Joey: "You want me to pay how much?
I'd rather go to jail...."
Indicted last August were 46 alleged members and associates of four of New York's Five Families, and the alleged boss of the Philadelphia crime family in Florida. (John Gotti's grandson was busted on the same day; who'd have believed of the two busts, Gotti's would ultimately be the more consequential.)

Around 10 of the defendants apparently voiced intent to reject the offer. Additionally, the two "bosses" with the biggest reasons to cop deals are supposedly still mulling the prospect of going to trial.

Gang Land News reported that, "most of the defendants charged with racketeering... have agreed to plea deals. But not Philadelphia Mafia boss Joseph (Skinny Joey) Merlino. He says he's going to trial." However, "nothing is official yet."

Merlino, who was charged with health care fraud and sports gambling, reportedly rejected a plea deal that called for around two years behind bars. It wasn't the prison time so much as the fine that may have soured Skinny Joey on the deal, Gang Land reported. The Fed's want $100 large ($100,000) from Merlino. (Apparently, the large fine "may also stop others from accepting plea offers," Gang Land reported.)

Then again, Merlino has never accepted a plea in his life of crime yet, and he wasn't crazy about doing so for this turd of a case.

Genovese skipper Pasquale (Patsy) Parrello isn't happy with his deal, either. He's got to pony up a lot of cash too but also faces significantly more time in prison, "about eight years," according to a GLN source. And he's 72. Parrello is charged with gambling, loansharking, health care fraud, extortion, credit card fraud, and assault. He goes to trial and is convicted, however, that could mean a 40 year sentence.

One last note regarding Parrello. "Yesterday, for unknown reasons, he was transferred from the federal lockup in Manhattan, the Metropolitan Correctional Center, to the Metropolitan Detention Center in Brooklyn."

The proposed plea agreements include dropping top racketeering charges that carried 20-year sentences. The Department of Justice recently approved the deal, as per published reports, in an effort to flush this turd. However, there's an alleged catch: at least three dozen defendants must take the deal in order for it to go through.

"The gang of 46 would still face lesser charges, including conspiracy and arson," sources told the New York Post.

The Post reported that at least 10 defendants have already said they will reject the offer, "though it’s unclear whether that’s a negotiating tactic, sources said."