Old Patriarca Famiglia: The Cheeseman Cometh?

Who's the new boss of the New England Mafia (what's left of the once-powerful legendary Patriarca crime family, anyway)?

DiNunzio is of legendary heft.

Seems Carmen (The Big Cheese) DiNunzio is among the seemingly very select few who fit the bill, as per a story by Gangster Report, a site we link to below.

DiNunzio "is off parole and minus any government restrictions of his movements and personal dealings. In the winter of 2015, he was released from almost six years in federal prison for bribery and racketeering and, per local mobologists, is considered the top candidate to assume Godfather duties in the wake of the death of Patriarca crime family don Peter (The Crazy Horse) Limone last month.

"Headquartered out of the Gemini Social Club (interesting name!) in Boston’s North End, the 59-year old DiNunzio served as the New England mob’s underboss for a majority of the 2000s. Limone, 83, and also from Boston, became boss of the Patriarcas in 2009, after several years as the Family’s consigliere. Due to his hands-off leadership style, Limone always employed an acting boss. Anthony (The Little Cheese) DiNunzio, Carmen’s baby brother, was Limone’s acting boss between 2009 to when he was locked up for extortion in 2012. The younger DiNunzio is scheduled to come home early next year."

Since December 2015, the alleged bosses of the Providence wing of the once-mighty Patriarca clan are reputed underboss Matthew (Good Looking Matty) Guglielmetti and alleged consigliere Joseph (Joe the Bishop) Achille, GR also reported.

In May of last year, Antonio “Spucky” Spagnolo and Pryce “Stretch” Quintina pleaded guilty to charges of conspiracy to affect commerce by extortion.

New England Mafia "Sleeps with the Fishes?"

Prosecutors alleged that Spagnolo, of Revere was the acting boss of the New England Mafia. Co-defendant, Quintina, also of Revere, reported to Spagnolo, prosecutors said.

Both men pleaded guilty in U.S. District Court in Boston to charges of conspiracy to affect commerce by extortion for threatening the owner of the Revere Moose Lodge and another businessman.

The charges centered on the extortion of thousands of dollars in protection money from Boston-area Constitution Vending, a slot-machine manufacturer, and the Revere Moose Lodge social club.

Spagnolo allegedly took control of the New England mafia when Anthony DiNunzio was sent to prison. He's the brother of the Cheeseman.


  1. Always been a bit curious as to why the New England LCN Family is still just 1 Family, instead of Boston, Providence and CT being their own independent crews. I mean do those "Familial ties"even mean anything on the street anymore; would Providence comes to Boston's aid if the LCN there had an issue with another crime group, or vice versa?
    Allie Shades

  2. This was just discussed recently on another blog. The sentiment was sort of strength in numbers theory. I guess it probably benefited the Bosses anyway haha. Just that many more guys kicking up. Isn't Philly all factioned up also? Atlantic City, Jersey etc....I could be wrong but it kinda appears that way.

  3. I'll be back soon, getting tired of looking at Fatty up top...


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