Gambino Mobster John Gammarano Died July 22, 2017


John Gammarano died on July 22, 2017, after suffering a long bout with a cancer-related illness, a source told Cosa Nostra News

The source is in a solid position to have knowledge of Johnny G.

Johnny G

The Gambino mobster was buried on July 26.

Gammarano's death was noted on ObitTree by Brooklyn's Scarpaci Funeral Home, as per the website.

Gammarano is a key player in an ongoing series we're writing about Salvatore Romano and Michael (Mikie Scars) DiLeonardo.

Johnny G was Romano's mentor in the Gambino crime family for years.

DiLeonardo and Romano, today.

John (Junior) Gotti ordered the murders of Daniel (Danny) Marino and Gammarano in the early 1990s.

The hit was foiled, however, though it ended dramatically when arch-killer Joe Watts was stunned to see two feared Gambino shooters had been hiding in a room in the apartment where the meeting had taken place.

Gotti had suspected them of skimming profits, aka robbing, the Gambino crime family.

As reported, in October 1994, Romano was transferred to a halfway house in Brooklyn's Bedford-Stuyvesant section when Gammarano requested a meeting at the Marriott Hotel in downtown Manhattan. 

As Romano recalled:  "He said to me, now that you're out what are you looking to do?"

"He seemed to genuinely like me. And he liked to pick my brain about other business deals he was entertaining. It got to the point where it was like we were joined at the hip. Every other day someone was pitching him ideas."

Johnny G was also known as "Johnny Slick."

He had the "gangster thing down perfectly," one reliable source told us previously.

Plot to Murder Johnny G. 

All emphasis in the text added by moi...

Q. And did he describe what kind of location he was looking for?

A. Yes. He had said, he was so angry about this, because there was so many beefs coming with Johnny G, this wasn't the only one. He was doing some other side deals with other families that we were getting a sense of, and sitting down over this. He was incensed to the point, and so was I, that something had to be done. And he said that if this meeting breaks bad with Danny Marino and Johhny G -- Danny Marino is Johnny G's captain, then we would kill them on the spot.

Q. Just to be clear who we are talking about now, can we get government's exhibit 39 on the screen. Who is that?

A. That is Danny Marino, captain.

Q. And government exhibit 27.

A. Yeah. That is Gammarano. "Johnny G" Gammarano

Q. That is the same Johnny G who was ripping off the family?

A. Right.

Q. Now after you get the instruction from John Gotti, Jr. to get a place for the meeting with Marino and Johnny G, do you in fact get such a place?

Junior Gotti didn't fck around regarding certain individuals....

A. Yes, I get a place.

Q. What do you get?

A. An associate of mine, Frankie Milano had an apartment on Bay 11th Street in Brooklyn. And I got that place.

Q. What happened on the day set for the meeting?

A. John Junior came to my house in Brooklyn on 18th Avenue. He came with Tommy Caccipoli and Charles Carneglia. They drove there. And John got out of the car. We talked. And I told him where the apartment was.

Q. At that point in time when you're standing on the street and talking to Johnny Gotti, Junior, and Tommy Sneakers and Carneglia are in the car did John Gotti, Jr. tell you why he had brought Caccipoli and Carneglia?

A. Yeah. They were going to do the work.

Q. Meaning what?

A. They were going to kill them, if necessary.

Q. According to John Gotti, Jr. did they have any equipment with them?

A. Yes. They had their guns and body bags.

Q. And what did you and John Gotti, Jr. do at that point?

A. I told them where the location was. John and I went over to the car, told them where it was, to drive over there, and John and I proceeded to walk over to the apartment. It was close to my house.

Q. What happened when you and John Gotti, Jr. got to this apartment?

A. He wasn't happy when he seen. It wasn't a place conducive to killing two guys.

 Q. Why not?

A. It was an apartment, it was row houses, and there was somebody lived downstairs.

Q. Did you, nonetheless, go into an apartment with John Gotti, Jr.?

A. Yes.

Q. What happened once you got inside?

A. Showed him around the apartment. There was a bedroom up from the dining room where Charles and Tommy Sneakers would lay in wait, waiting for John's signal, or signal to come out if something went wrong with the apartment.

Q. Once you and John Gotti, Junior got into the apartment, did Tommy Sneakers and Carneglia actually come in?

A. Yes.

Q. At this point in time, their positions in the family are what?

A. Soldiers with Johnny.

Q. In his crew?

A. In his crew.

Q. And we don't have to pull up the photo, but the same Tommy Sneakers and Charles Carneglia that we saw walking behind Bobby Boriello's casket?

A. That's correct.

Q. What happened -- where did Carneglia and Sneakers go once you got into the apartment?

A. Into that bedroom, I told you about.

Q. Okay. Did they close the door?

A. Yes. John "Junior" Gotti

Q. So now you and John Gotti, Jr. are alone in the front room. Who arrives next?

A. Jackie D'Amico.

Q. Did you have an understanding why Jack D'Amico was there?

A. He was part of the committee, and John wanted him to be there.

Q. And when he arrived, what happened?

A. He came in. John didn't tell him anybody was in that room or what was on his mind, just discussed this beef a little bit, they were talking as we waited for Joe Watts to show up and Marino and Gammarano.

Q. Where did you go to await the arrival of Joe Watts, Dan Marino, and Johnny Gammarano?

A. Downstairs in the street.

Q. And did you see some individuals arrive?

A. Yes. There was -- a limousine pulled up. Limousine driver. Joe Watts gets out, Danny Marino, John Gammarano, and Danny and Johnny's cousin, George Lombardozzi.

Q. To your knowledge, had Lombardozzi been invited to this meeting?

A. No, he wasn't supposed to come.

Q. What about the limo driver?

A. No, he definitely wasn't supposed to come.

Q. What was your reaction when you saw that there was now more people at this meeting than you had expected?

A. Nobody is getting killed.

Q. What happens next?

A. Bring them up to the apartment, sit down, everybody says, oh, sit down, they start to discuss this beef.

Q. And, remind us, what is the beef again?

A. Big Apple.

Q. And how was the beef resolved, what is the conversation?

A. Okay. How it is cleared up, John Sr. had given Joe Watts carte blanche to do whatever he wanted with Big Apple, or any moneys, or construction, anything he was doing, to bring money into the family, to fight cases 'cause of Gravano. Joe Watts had carte blanche. Once Joe Watts tells that to Junior, it is over, because of the relationship Joe Watts had with Senior. So there is no beef at that point. Not happy, but taking down millions of dollars. But that is the way it is. His father wanted it that way, and John respected it. So there was no need for killing anybody.

Q. Who left the apartment at that point?

A. Lombardozzi, Marino, and Gammarano.

Q. Joe Watts stayed behind?

A. Yes.

 Q. Then what happened?

A. The bedroom door opened up, and those two fellows came out. And Joe Watts, being seasoned in the killing business, knew what could have happened at that point and was really like startled and then upset.

Q. And what did he say?

A. He explained, expressed to Johnny, what happened, what were you going to do, kill these guys? He says, you know better, why did you bring Georgie and the limousine driver. What, are we gonna get a couple of more body bags?

Q. How did that meeting end that day, everyone just went on their way?

A. Yes.

From American Mafia website....

Source info:
Hunt, Thomas, "American Mafia Website - DiLeonardo Testimony 4," The American Mafia,, accessed July 26, 2017. 

Copyright © Thomas Hunt

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