Junior Gotti Cleans Family Business's Slate

Cosa Nostra News blogger Nick Christophers wrote his take on the two-part A&E program on John Gotti Senior and Junior. I am still working on my version, which includes input from important figures in the actual Gotti-Gambino crime family saga, most prominently former Gambino capo Michael (Mikie Scars) DiLeonardo. ....

Like many of you, I was curious to view the sanitized version of Junior’s life.

Now understand, I have always respected John Sr., especially following the two times I met him. He  was a gentleman whose very presence emanated power. Yet as we all know he let the spotlight blind his logic. I only met Junior once, at the old Island Park club Channel 80 when he docked his boat there. I’m 53; he and I are not far apart in age. 

The documentary was well done but full of bullet holes. A lot of mis-information and half-truths. His father did not kill Jimmy McBratney it was Ralph Galione who was later ordered killed by Gotti Sr. My information comes from legit sources and I’m not talking about the Feds either. One of my sources is serving a life bid so this does not come from a rat.

John Jr is a very smart man who knew what he was getting into and managed to squirrel away just enough fazoules to take care of his growing family. I can respect that. Family comes first. But his father was no angel and not the best of family men who spent much of his time in jail or on the street. I feel that Junior was more connected to his children than Sr was. I understand he did this documentary the way he wanted it. Most of the people that were interviewed were pro-Gotti so it was mostly one-sided.

He also had it come out close to the release of the film, he planned it perfect. As well as the meet and greet of Travolta on 86th Street. So, he is intelligent on that end. Do I think he was cut-out to be gangster? No. He was tough guy but he desired attention just like the rest of his family ex. Vicky with “Growing Up Gotti”.

The whole family seems to crave media attention aside from his poor mother. The one thing I can understand and sympathize with is how the loss of Frankie was on the family. Losing a child is not an easy thing, no matter how old they are. The show was a bit redundant though with him constantly praising his father. “My father this, my father that”. I love my father and proud of him to but my father is not a criminal and was always around.

John Sr was not around enough and was more drawn to the street than anything else. He was a true mafioso. Yet he was great at giving orders and being intimidating but did he get his hands dirty enough?

In the documentary John Jr always denied doing anything wrong at all. He got made but did he ever really “make his bones”. I don’t think so and he wasn’t known as a big earner yet. A bit of nepotism I think.

To be straight Jr was not released he was chased by the Gambino family. No one retires from the mob!

No such animal. The only one who did was Frank Costello and he earned it. But I respect the fact that he did decide to chose his children over the life. One of the most important issues he did not mention was when he visited the FBI and had a sit-down with them. In the “life” you not only do not talk to the Feds you certainly do not sit down with them unless your going to offer info. But of course, he deleted that part out. It was the John Jr show on his terms just the way the movie was made. It’s either your honest with yourself and present the facts or give a washed down version of it. So that is what we got the PG version of “Growing Up Junior”.

Before I forget for those who attacked me when I was working (key word: working) on a book with John Alite, we have shelved it for a while and may revisit it. But the main thing is, I did not take sides John Jr or Alite. In truth, I respect you both. For Junior I always liked your father and respected him. I am a writer and an author, it was business not personal when I was offered the Alite project. So, I want to be clear with that to Angel and Chris Kasparoza it was business not personal. We all need to earn.