Family Of Remorseless Killer Of Gambino Boss In Danger; A Message To Anthony Comello

UPDATED: The Daily News asked Anthony Comello, 24, the man suspected of gunning down alleged Gambino boss Frank Cali last week, some questions in a very brief jailhouse interview yesterday conducted via video system. What Comello said pretty much seems to confirm what we were initially told about him: that he is batsh*t crazy. Comello—who once tried to make a citizen’s arrest of Mayor de Blasio (prompting a discussion we had with Mikie Scars about whether Comello would’ve shot de Blasio had he not erupted first against Cali)—told Daily News reporters Liz Keogh and John Annese that “You shouldn’t believe in stories. Don’t believe in fairy tales.” When asked if that meant he didn’t do the shooting, Comello responded, “I don’t need to clear my name. Have a good night. Be careful going home.” Before shutting off the video, Comello also had told the News: "I can’t talk to no press. I can’t.”

Anthony Comello
We'll enjoy writing this mthfcker's obituary. That's stunningly non-objective. But, so what?

Get the f**k out of here before I blow your f**king head off.”
—Mourner to ABC journalist at Moravian Cemetery

Francesco Cali, the murdered Gambino acting boss, was waked in Tottenville, Staten Island, at Scarpaci Funeral Home on Tuesday following a small service that gave law enforcement an opportunity to take photographs and update their Five Family hierarchy charts.

About a dozen mourners attended the service — and were closely scrutinized by law enforcement, reportedly both FBI and NYPD, using high-powered cameras from across the street. (Note Jerry Capeci writing at Gang Land News reports that Cali was underboss.)

Law enforcement also followed the funeral procession to the cemetery in several unmarked cars. Those inside the vehicles carried walkie-talkies and 50mm cameras.

“That’s just Standard Investigation 101,” one source told the New York Post. “They want to know who shows up, who the players are, who’s going to possibly take over, who’s active, who‘s not, the pecking order.

“Unfortunately, it’s very limited,” the source added, attempting to characterize the mourners. “But they have to take what they can get.”

At 10:30 a.m., the funeral procession proceeded to Moravian Cemetery in New Dorp, where Cali, 53, who had been shot to death last week outside his home, was buried. Cali’s wife, children, and niece were home when Cali ran outside from the dinner table after hearing what sounded like a car crash at around 9:30 at night.

The shooter allegedly was a young man who wanted to date Cali’s niece. Anthony Comello, 24, also has been showcasing right-wing political slogans in a stunningly inept attempt to deflect blame and change the story. Called possibly the dumbest murderer in American criminal history, Comello was tracked down to a family home on the Jersey Shore three days after the shooting, where he was arrested on Saturday morning.

Cali’s burial spot was reportedly purchased by the Gambino crime family with $45,000 in cash, according to the New York Post. A Post reporter spoke to an employee at Moravian Cemetary, who told the newspaper that associates of Cali “came in with a suitcase on Saturday and paid my boss $45,000 in cash.”

“He’s up in the mausoleum, in the middle section,” the worker said of Cali’s resting place at the top of the hill.

He also recounted how, that after the funeral was over, mourners found an ABC journalist in the cemetery’s office asking questions until a Cali associate cut off his efforts by telling him: Get the f**k out of here before I blow your f**king head off.”

The cemetery is not far from where Cali was gunned down in Todt Hill, which has multiple mob connections going back, like, forever.

Former Gambino boss Paul Castellano, who ran the Gambino crime family until December 1985, when he was shot to death in midtown Manhattan to allow John Gotti’s rise, also lived in Todt Hill (todt means "death" in German) in a palatial estate known informally among the Gambinos as the White House.

 Comello, the alleged killer of Frank Cali, was reported to be romantically interested in a relative of the now-deceased reported mobster. The murder of Cali allegedly occurred because the crime boss had told Comello to stay away from his family member.

Detectives allegedly have footage from the incident which was captured by a security camera outside of Cali’s home. Comello’s fingerprints matched  prints found on a license plate that dipshit handed to Cali before the shooting. The exchange between the men prior to the shooting was nonviolent, with the two shaking hands. Then the "tough guy" waited until Cali turned his back on him before pulling and firing his weapon, reportedly like he'd seen cops on the TV shoot their guns.

The suspect reportedly waived extradition to New York from New Jersey, where he is being held. He was arrested at his family’s summer home in Brick Township.

The Staten Island Advance reported that Comello and his family will have to “be protected” for fear of retribution.

We’ve also heard that the family has been threatened. “They will kill the whole fcking family,” one source told us yesterday.

“The house in Bricktown is surrounded with people with vests on.”

As per reports, multiple police cars were seen outside his family’s residence on Monday.

The Staten Island Advance quoted a source describing Comello as “dead man walking.”

“He doesn’t have much longer on this planet. The concern now is for his family because they live on Staten Island.”

Comello will return to Staten Island sometime next week to face charges for committing the brazen assassination.

“The kid doesn’t even seem bothered by it,” the SI Advance source also said. “He’s got no remorse. He just destroyed his whole family. It sounds like this kid is proud of himself because his name is in the record books forever for killing the [acting] boss of the Gambino crime family. He’s in the history book. "

A source who requested anonymity told Cosa Nostra News

"If we could tell this clown Comello one thing, it'd be: Remember Whitey Bulger...."