See Where The New York Mafiosi Lived And Breathed (And Killed)

Robin London, New York City native, tour guide, and history buff, runs NYC Gangster Mob Tours, which offers a range of walking and driving tours of destinations in New York City where mobsters once lived and played (and killed and died).

Robin London

A third-generation Brooklynite, Robin knows wiseguys and can tell you everything you ever wanted to know about them while showing you the places where it all actually happened.

Her tours showcase a wide range of organized crime figures, from historical times to the present. She will show you and tell you all about Arnold (The Brain) Rothstein, Lucky Luciano, and Meyer Lansky. She also can show you where on Staten Island former Gambino underboss Francesco (Franky Boy) Cali was gunned down earlier this year.

"If you are a real mob fan, you have to let me show you New York City. We go into Sparks Steakhouse (where Gambino boss Paul Castellano was slain in December 1985 by John Gotti and his "fist" of conspirators). We go into the back room of the restaurant to where Castellano sat.

"We can see where Salvatore Maranzano was killed; it's now the Helmsley building. We can show you where Arnold Rothstein bribed the White Sox and where Al Capone hung out in Park Slope (before he ruled Chicago)," she said. (Speaking of Chitown, while preparing this story, Robin herself flew to Chicago and took her own tour of gangland in The Windy City. Who was her tour guide? Frank Calabrese himself, of course. We asked Robin what she learned from Frank, and she laughed and told us that, while she'd love to tell us, she couldn't, because then she'd have to kill us.)

Her tours encompass early mob history, including the Black Hand days and Joe Petrosino (in fact some of her tours start at Petrosino Square in downtown Manhattan).

Her tours can include places that were once Prohibition speakeasies. "I can show you what was on certain streets, like on Second Avenue," she said. (Well, what was on Second Avenue, Robin? Robin??)

"We go to the Majestic where Frank Costello was shot. We go to where Vincent the Chin Gigante's Triangle social club was. Places where these guys really were back in the day."

Her Gangster Mob Tours, she says, is the largest tour outfit in New York City, and she's been at it giving tours for 10 years.

Robin is like a human encyclopedia who can tell fascinating stories about the wiseguys of New York City.

"We will bring you back to the day when Albert Anastasia was killed in the barbershop of the Park Sheraton hotel, which is now a Starbucks," she said. "We will show you where Lucky Luciano grew up – where he met Meyer Lansky. We do walking or vehicle tours. We show you where Joe Colombo got shot in Columbus Circle. You see where Luciano and Profaci and Vito Genovese are buried."

When Robin discovered the history of the mob, she was particularly intrigued to learn of the large role wiseguys played in formulating New York City over the 20th century. In her quest to build her knowledge, she did more than read the books and look stuff up on Google; she also spoke to certain sources (low-profile types) from some of New York's oldest neighborhoods and learned stuff that not many people know. (She still hasn't told us very much; maybe you could get it out of her. Think she likes white wine.)

Robin has roots in the entertainment industry, too, and that also informs the tour experience.

And since Robin also grew up on these streets (in Brooklyn) as a child, she also has a wealth of her own personal memories to call upon. And she also happens to love New York’s diverse cultural neighborhoods for the people and the food. (She also knows some great places to shop, too.)

Walking with Robin will teach you all about the mob, but also New York City. A warm, knowledgeable person, she won't offer a boring recitation of facts; her tours include plenty of color and are lively. You won't forget what she tells you. And in between all the walking and site-seeing, there's opportunities to stop for a bite to eat and and do some shopping in New York's coolest downtown shops.
"There’s so much here in the city. We make it come alive. That’s our goal – we make it come alive for you," she said.

"I want to know how a bunch of men controlled the country from those little social clubs where they sat down and drank espresso all day."

Depending on what people are interested in, she can show you Staten Island, places like the palatial estates of former Gambino boss Paul Castellano's house and Big Ang's house.

Little Italy tours include places like O'Neil's, Sharky's – which was a speakeasy, and the warehouses used by Joe The Boss Masseria and Salvatore Maranzano’s men while fighting the Castellamere war, even Pizza Connection pizzerias.

East village tour also includes places related to Jewish gangs.

"Paul Kelly’s club is still there, only now it’s a Japanese restaurant referred to as the Japanese Rao's – it has seven tables, too, and you wont be able to get in."

She offers a lecture, From Mensch to Mobster, on Jewish gangsters

Every tour is different based on the interests of the people comprising the tour.

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