'Family' Friends Ask Mob Rapper Testa to Delete Music Video

Mob-related rapper, Tony Testa, recently has been asked that his latest music video be pulled from websites -- and considering where the request came from, incarcerated mafia members, as well as those still on the street --
he should probably consider it a Papal Bull. And he seems to have: at press time, the video had been removed, according to an article on the website BallerStatus Daily Urban Lifestyle

The Italian rapper, who hails from Brooklyn, had filmed a music video for his track, "Paper Chaser," which he has been advised includes too much "family" information, the article added.

"Paper Chaser" is based on a fictitious mobster (played by Testa) being inducted into a crime family. Some "unknown rituals" that crime families still perform during induction ceremonies are supposedly revealed in the video.

"The only reason I'm pulling the video off of the site is out of respect for my Uncle Joey," said Testa in the article. "Everybody else can kiss my ass. I don't understand why everyone is gong crazy, it is just entertainment. After all is said and done, I'm still a Testa and family comes first. I would never do anything to hurt my Uncle Joey or anyone else in my family."

According to past published reports on a variety of websites and newspapers, including the New York Post,  Tony Testa said he was working on a film based on Testa's Brooklyn family connection to notorious Gambino crime-family members the DeMeo Crew. The story will be based on Testa's Uncle Patty, who transferred to the Lucchese family and was murdered in 1992. Last we heard, "Sopranos" star Joe Gannascoli and Chuck Zito were in talks for roles in the movie, which also may star Armand Assante.