Historical First: A Mafia Boss to Testify for the Government

Former Bonanno boss-turned
informant Joe Massino during
happier times.
A Mafia boss defecting? Never in a million years. After all, the key to the success of the Italian Mafia has always been its structure, which insulated the boss and upper management from ever being put in such situations.

But it goes without saying that times have changed and what was once unthinkable is set to become routine. After two decades of infiltration and non-stop aggression on the part of law enforcement, New York’s mob families have sprung more leaks than a quickly sinking ship -- only the captains have no interest in going down with said ships. The biggest example yet: Joe Massino, set to testify against "Vinny Gorgeous" Basciano.

The New York Times puts Joe Massino's transformation from boss to informer into historical context: In a First, Mafia Boss Will Testify for Government.


  1. all these mobster are rats deep down inside.if you would put there brains in a bird the bird will fly backward's


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