Mob Wives Recap: Karen Unmasked

UPDATE: As for last night's episode (the May 15th one), we once again see the manipulative Karen Gravano, believing only what goes on inside her own head matters, drop in on Drita to demand an apology for "stealing" Karen's boyfriend, or so she says, like 20 years earlier. I was glad the show juxtaposed Drita's phonecall with husband Lee, the one who supposedly dated Karen and left her so scarred (never mind daddy was a serial killer.) Lee's bleeped-out characterization of Karen said it all -- even if we don't know most of what the hell he said.

And Renee, where would she be in life if she couldn't forever introduce herself as, "Anthony Graziano's daughter?"

LAST WEEK's SHOW: "Mob Wives” this evening was all about drama but then when isn’t it? This episode revolves around Renee and what Renee wants and what Renee does…ever the mafia princess and drama queen! First, she finds out that Junior was arrested for gambling on probation and is out on bail. A sigh of relief is temporarily breathed, but she knows he is going back into jail, so is gearing up for the same old thing!," reads a review of tonight's episode of the show Mob Wives on

"Drita texts Renee to set up a dinner date to discuss what happened at Carla’s birthday party and Renee accepts – until Karen refreshes her memory that Drita stated she wanted to ring her “dumb tw** neck?” Renee goes all gangster and calls off the dinner date at the last minute, leaving Drita hanging who calls Carla to go out for drinks. Next week, we find out how that goes and it is looking like Drita is once more out of control!"

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MY TWO CENTS: Karen, you are really unmasking yourself, playing both ends against the middle, a walking, breathing plot device, an unattractive manipulative shrew. You knew Renee and Drita were going to make nice-nice, but a nicely placed visit by you in which you carefully pushed Renee's buttons by reminding her of what Drita said the first night, when she (Drita) went to bat for you (Karen) against Renee. You can "try to make amends" with as many people as you want, but if they really see who you are, they will stay away from you -- ah, you are your father's daughter...


  1. I loved your two cents on this episode!

  2. This show is a set ridiculous.....who can you like in this show. I hope they all get whacked.


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