Poll: Majority Will View 'Gotti' Theatrical Release

A majority of readers of this website plan on seeing "Gotti: Three Generations," which is probably still two years away from being released -- the script isn't even written yet, and the much-touted cast may not even appear in the film (although it is confirmed that John Travolta will indeed play John Gotti), according to a recent interview with the director, Barry Levinson.

Levinson replaces the previous director, Nick Cassavetes (why Cassavetes dropped out has not been believably explained). It has been reported that, aside from Travolta, screen luminaries Joe Pesci and Al Pacino (and Lindsay Lohan) also were taking roles in film, though Levinson has said that this apparently is not engraved in stone. (Maybe the contracts aren't signed yet, who knows.)


According to a Cosa Nostra News poll, a majority, 64%, or 88 respondents, said they would definitely go to the theater and view "Gotti: Three Generations," which will probably be released in 2012. Twenty seven percent, or 38, said they would definitely not see the film, and 8%, or 11, said they haven't decided.

This was an unscientific poll, to which anyone could add a response, though they could enter only one; a total of 137 people participated.


  1. The rumer has it that John Jr. wants complete creative control over the Script thats why they lost Stalone and Cassavetes, he wants to make "Father Knows Best" out of his Family life,instead of the way it really was, they will never get a good A list Director as long as JR. wants to keep calling the shots,no credable Director will work under those conditions, you will see Levenson drop out next unless John Jr. steps back and let the Pros do their work.


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