'Big Ang' the Surprise Hit of 'Mob Wives' Premier

Angela "Big Ang" Raiola made her first appearance in the premiere of Mob Wives season two.
Big Ang!!!!

In a way, we are -- and we are not -- surprised by all the attention flowing Big Ang's way since the Sunday night debut of the second season of "Mob Wives." 

It's sort of ironic that this woman, on the show for a mere seconds at the very end, should steal the limelight! If you enjoy 'Mob Wives,' you will most likely love 'Big Ang,' a new addition to the 'Mob Wives' Season mix. She has exactly the kind of personality you would expect from a 'mob moll,' she's warm and loving, has a great sense of humor and is a good cook. 

She's generated lots of coverage across the blogosphere.

Angela Raiola may abet murderers, but this Mob Wives addition is destined for stardome in the world of reality shows about women who argue with other women.

Angela Raiola aka “Big Ang” is the niece of Salvatore “Sally Dogs” Lombardi, a deceased captain of the Genovese crime family. Angela, a single mother of 2 was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY with her two sisters and four brothers. Big Ang always strived to be popular with “the mob.” She is what many consider a mob moll. Owning many mafia hangouts over the years, she became like “one of the guys” – even catching a case with some high ranking members of the mob. She was loved by them all.

She is like a character straight from the movie Goodfellas and lives by the lifestyle code. Ang has dated many gangsters throughout her life but has always remained independent.

She is not the typical women who would depend on a man. Big Ang has managed to make her own way and provide her own means within this world, though she was always lavished with houses, cars, jewelry, furs (you name it) by many well known mob wise guys. One would believe that they call her Big Ang for “E Cups” or her even larger lips, but is really because of her larger than life personality.

She is hysterically funny without even meaning to be. Often referring to herself as “bad girl” she will have you laughing upon meeting her and keep you laughing until you leave.

Everything The Frisky's ever written about "Mob Wives."

From Dlisted:

"By popular demand, I bring you the new goddess of Mob Wives BIG ANG! With the laugh of Herman Munster, the talking voice of Ma from Ma's Roadhouse, the natural femininity of one of those dudes from Work It,... Big Ang has quickly become the most beautiful woman (???) in reality television. Who knew that the new face of a beauty would be something that looks like it was made by Dr. Frankenstein out of Mickey Rourke's old face skin, a lip graft from Donatella Versace, a gizzard from a toxic chicken, and gallons of antifreeze...[edited for taste!]

To see complete version, go to the site, at Dlisted


  1. Couldn't have said it better than you did, damn.

  2. Yeah shes ugly but those were some pretty harsh things.

  3. I edited them out -- all that was taken from another site -- I wrote this post because I saw how much attention Big Ang was getting from sites and bloggers... it was way too harsh, I agree, and my mistake for letting it through when I meant to cut it...


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