Mob Wives Recap, S2; Ep3: Battle Lines Drawn

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Last night’s Mob Wives had everyone talking… about each other… behind their backs.

Drita D’Avanzo invites her friend over for a drink… so she can sign her divorce papers. She hasn’t spoken to husband Lee because she’s waiting for an apology. She knows the divorce is pretty much going to blindside him, but Drita believes it’s a move she should have made when he was first incarcerated.

Karen Gravano meets her pseudo-cousin Ramona Rizzo for dinner to discuss her calm, cool and collected meeting with Carla Facciolo. Sheesh, after taking shots and making peace at the end of the last episode, Karen has certainly changed her tune. Karen isn’t sure if Carla is Drita’s lackey or if she’s manipulating the situation. Ramona thinks that Drita is their main problem, but she still isn’t digging Carla. Ramona has heard that Carla has said the two are arch enemies… she threatens that Carla has kids at home, so she doesn’t need to be spreading rumors about big, bad Ramona. If Ramona hated Carla as much as Carla thinks she does (did she, or did she not just threaten Carla and refer to her kids in said threat? Am I missing something?), she’d be outside her house pinning Carla… in a voodoo doll way, not a pinterest way. Karen declares that she’s made peace with Carla, before smack talking her yet again.

"While Carla expresses concern that things will never get better between Drita and Karen, Drita is hoping that Karen comes after her soon. She’s all about self-defense..."

Meanwhile, Carla lunches with Drita to tell her about her bi-polar dinner date with Karen. Carla seems a tad frightened to tell her friend about what happened. Carla is talking a mile a minute while Drita’s face is stone cold. Drita doesn’t care (although her face says otherwise) that Carla and Karen have made up, but she is worried that her friend is going to get blasted by the untrustworthy Karen. While Carla expresses concern that things will never get better between Drita and Karen, Drita is hoping that Karen comes after her soon. She’s all about self-defense, my friends!

Karen has had her daughter with her all summer. Over lunch, she lets twelve-year-oldKarina (who is gorgeous, by the way) know that she’s going to stay in Staten Island while Karina’s heading back to Arizona. Her daughter seems devastated that she’s going to be shipped off again without her mother. Karen blames her decision on the fact that she has more potential to make money in Staten Island as well as the notion that her father is adamant his grand-daughter not be living the Mafia wife in New York. Karina is upset about this change of events, but Karen thinks it is for the best. I will refrain from saying what I’d really like to say here… because who else besides Karina shouldn’t be messed up with the mob? This gal!

Renee Graziano is excited to get out of her house with slobby Junior and A.J. Carla meets her for a drink to rehash her dinner with Karen. Renee is curious as to why Karen felt the need to bring up Drita at a dinner which was supposed to resolve issues between Karen and Carla. She also needs to know what was said about her celebration of life/birthday bash

someone’s head in on a balcony. After discussing the fiesta fight, Carla says she was trying to tell Karen that Drita sincerely wanted to make up that night. Renee reveals that Drita threw the first punch and got hit the hardest — yikes, that eye! Carla is quick to blame Ramona’s involvement on Drita’s need to attack. Renee is pretty level headed about the whole situation until Carla admits that things are fine now between Karen and her. Oh, uh-uh. Renee would never, and I mean NEVER, be cool with some chick who was screaming in her face. I need to take Ballz 101 from these ladies. I am quite the pansy. Renee thinks that Karen needs a lecture, Renee style. Carla is second guessing this meeting (I thought it was dinner given the cocktails, but it was totes a lunch), as Renee’s involvement is the last thing she wants to happen.

Renee dines with Karen and Ramona (I got the confirmation that it is in fact dinner this time) and she expresses her disappointment in Karen’s behavior. Karen maintains she has no problem with Carla, although she thinks that Carla is being loyal to the wrong person. Whatever… Renee can’t get over the fact that Karen got in Carla’s face and everything still ended well. That shiz doesn’t happen with Renee. Karen is less than thrilled that Renee is standing up for Carla. Ramona compares Drita to cancer, and she and Karen use what appears to be a sake bottle to illustrate her point. Ramona is getting belligerent, calling Drita a crumb snatcher. Um, I wonder if this will evoke hateful feelings in Renee, given her hatred of crumbs and son A.J.’s lack of cleaning up his crumbs. This could go either way! Ramona is too pretty to act like this. Renee is actually relieved to find out that she’s not the most psycho of the group… she’s bestowing that title on Ramona. Is it something in the name?

The cousins need a pow-wow and Karen tells Ramona that she wants to throw a drama-free spa day. She’s hoping that Renee will let her use her house. Karen tells Ramona that she wants to invite Carla. Yeah, she totally wants it to be drama-free. It’s almost like the ladies are planning a test… if Carla shows, she’s cool with Ramona. If not,

she must hate Ramona’s guts and needs to be destroyed she’s clearly not the person Karen thought she was.

After signing the divorce papers, Drita is purging her house of all things Lee. Carlajoins her for moral support. Drita is sad, but it seems like she’s more angry than sad. While trying on a jacket of Lee’s, she finds a letter he wrote her in the pocket. She is hoping he’ll be able to apologize so the pair can form a friendship. Yeah, I see that happening. He cheated on her, but a simple “I’m sorry” will make it easier for the exes to be good pals. Maybe… as long as Lee avoids hanging out with Drita at rooftop bars and on balconies.

Renee’s recent surgery mishap has made her a lot more rational. She believes thatKaren should focus on her daughter, Drita should focus on her divorce, Carla should focus on her ex’s release and Ramona should focus on, well, something. Karen gets Renee to agree to hosting the spa party. They discuss Carla’s invitation as an olive branch, not an ambush. Sure…

Renee’s father is out of jail and in a halfway house. A.J. returns from visiting him and Renee is happy to get a nice report from her son. Unfortunately, she and her father are not on speaking terms due to decisions Renee has made. A.J. wants his mother to try to bury the hatchet.

Karen calls Carla to invite her to the spa day. Carla gives Karen an ambivalent “yes” as Karen waxes poetic about how nice it will be for Renee to not be at the center of all the ladies’ drama. Of course, as soon as she gets off the phone Karen is citing Carla’s “true colors” that are sure to come out if she continues to be the president of Drita’sfan club. And a good president she is… Carla meets with Drita to discuss the potentially volatile spa day invitation. Drita is supportive of Carla and thinks she will have a good time with Renee at least. Drita likens the situation to Renee’s birthday party when Drita went in hopes to reconcile and ended up getting into a brawl with Karen and Ramona.

Renee dines with Drita and Carla, hoping to tell these ladies the same thing she toldKaren and Ramona, but with better results. She is more than tired of being the middle. Drita is just over it. She really could not care less what trash the other ladies are talking. The women discuss the spa party and Renee extends an invitation to Drita so that Drita will know that she’s always welcome in Renee’s home. Drita wisely and politely declines. Renee then drops a BOMB. Did Drita tell Renee’s sister-in-law that Ramona had been talking shiz about Renee and Junior’s marriage? Drita and Carla both do some uncomfortable shifting. Carla nods and Drita reveals that Ramona one hundred percent was saying very negative things about Junior. Renee wants to know if Drita would be willing to confront Ramona with that gossip. Drita would, although she knows it wouldn’t end well. Carla admits that it’s been hard for her to hear Renee defend Ramona knowing all the negative things that Ramona has said about Renee. Renee is ready, willing, and able to take a beating if this situation comes to a head. Let’s not jump the gun just yet ladies!

On the next episode, it’s Karen/Renee’s spa party and Ramona flies off the handle when she finds out that Renee invited Drita. Drita tries to explain the divorce to her and Lee’s kids. She finds out that Lee may be trying to contest the divorce. Ramona confronts Carla over dinner. Thankfully, I caught some glimpses of the inexplicably absent Big Ang!