Tonight's 'Mob Wives' Ep2 Sneak Peak: Drita 'Tunes Up' Karen, Ramona


Drita, Karen and Ramona battle it out on the balcony at Renee Graziano’s birthday party.

Forget about Mob Wives star Drita D’avanzo and Karen Gravano having a simple “talk” to hash out their problems. When these two get together during the Jan. 8 episode, fireworks explode at Renee Graziano‘s birthday party when Drita throws a right hook punch at Karen and Karen’s “cousin”Ramona Rizzo.

Karen thinks she’s walking outside to have a calm talk with Drita to try and figure out if they can put last season’s drama behind them, but the talk quickly turns into a heated argument. The women get so fired up that Ramona, who has been watching from the side, decides to step in.

Drita takes Ramona’s action as a threat and in return attacks. “Drita swings, now [I] automatically go off,” Ramona tells the cameras. “Bitch, be prepared to be taken down.”

Drita loses control. “I’m just swinging,” Drita admits. “I’m throwing over on the rights, lefts, like I’m literally just throwing hammers.”

Karen returns the assault. “You going to swing at me? I’m going to black your eye out,” she warns. “Check my blood line bitch. I’m coming for you.”

Drita ends up in the middle of a brawl with Ramona and Karen on top of her. “I’m not getting hit,” Drita describes. “I’m just feeling my hair getting ripped out.”

“I’m the bitch you don’t want to f*ck with, but if you’re being f*cked with, I’m probably the bitch you want to call,” states Ramona. “Drita’s acting like dog. So what do you do [when] a dog starts biting? You pull the dog away. So I’m pulling her and pulling her — and this bitch don’t stop.”

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